CM Punk on “Highly Questionable”

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  1. Hey Punk,

    I hope this note gets to you. I was not familiar w your wrestling but I saw you on Talking Dead and went back to research you. I listened to the Colt shows and grew to really like your personality. Anyway, I lost my mother in November to brain cancer and it sucks. While she was sick I fell shitty out of shape. I live in Oak Park. I need someone to be honest with me and kick my ass to get better for my kids. I would love to chat one Chicago afternoon. No strings. I sub at local schools. I thoughtbI could be a teacher, I am failing at that too. You don’t have to respond, but I wish you would help me get straight. (I used to be straight edge, but I am not now.) not necessarily straight edge because you are not a therapist, but I just want to have your excitement and confidence. This is a shot in the dark email because I am in Ohio helping my Dad clean the house of my Mom’s stuff. It makes me sad and I want to get better for my family.

    Thanks Punk.

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