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Against Me! have grown up quite a bit in the last decade, and while their songs may have gotten a bit catchier, they are as passionate, energetic, and louder than ever. With the release of the anthemic new album, White Crosses, the band has proven to be one of the most earnest punk rock bands around today.

Against Me! are toning it down a notch for a special acoustic performance here at the JBTV HD sound stage, followed by an in…terview with JBTV host Brendan Kelly. Chicago’s own Alkaline Trio have returned to their Midwestern roots with their latest album, This Addiction. Eschewing the major labels, the band instead employed some DIY ethos and self-released the new tunes. JBTV host Toby Jeg catches up with the band on this week’s episode as they rock the sun-soaked crowd at Vans Warped Tour in Chicago. For a little change of pace, host Ryan Manno interviews WWE superstar CM Punk, or “The Second City Saint”. He’s known for his corkscrew diving neckbreaker, inverted frankensteiner and suicide slam. Needless to say, this is a guy you want to keep on your good side. To round out this episode of rabble-rousers, we’ve got a classic Jerry Bryant interview with the late legendary Joey Ramone.

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I will be adding screen captures soon.

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  1. Great little interview. I can relate…couple years older than Punk and feel the same way. Can’t headbang anymore, but can still rock out.

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