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  1. Cm punk…..cult of personality ….I saw ur wikipedia ..its says tht u decided 2 return 2 wwe. ….I really don’t care whn ul return …. m feeling lik heaven whn I saw tht post ………return to be wweworldchamp ….I juss. Cannot see rubbish matches lik john cena vs brock leasner…. .bitw. …….best

  2. CM Punk is a smart enough guy to NOT go back to that cheese company….they are worse than WCW was after the NWO got old.. Which for the geniuses out there was about the end of 1996. If only there was someone with the talent and forethought for the wrestling business who could give WWE a run for their money…. It would be a good time to try to break them… The shows are terrible right now.

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