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Tobey Morse of the band H2O is working on a mission. One Life, One Chance’s mission is to engage and inspire elementary, middle and high school students to make healthy choices and live a Drug Free life.

With today’s increase in alcohol and drug use among youth, Toby’s message of living a healthy lifestyle and still being cool and respected is one that needs to be heard.

Purpose: To inform elementary and secondary students about cool alternatives to alcohol and drugs and having a positive mental attitude.

Objective: To break stereotypes of what it means to live a cool lifestyle. Heavily-tattooed recording artist and front man of H2O for 15yrs, Toby Morse defies stereotypes of a musician’s lifestyle. In an industry famous for drug use, drug-related deaths and overall self-destructive behavior, Toby chose a different path to walk. In his 40 years, he has never experimented with alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Toby travels to schools, speaking to students about his positive lifestyle despite growing up around drugs and alcohol.

There are many testimonials on the website, including a video with CM Punk. Please visit the website to find out more information. To watch the CM Punk testimony, click here. Captures will be up soon.

Fabiola   Apr 16, 2010