CM PUNK… sandwich.

Former WWE performer Armando Estrada’s Baby’s Steak and Lemonade restaurant based in Glendale, Arizona has a sandwich called the CM Punk. Its description reads: “The Straight Edge Sandwich Wrestles Grilled Chicken Breast, Marinara Sauce, Provolone Served On Fresh Baked Bread.”

You can find out more about his restaurant at the official website by clicking here.

28 Comments on “CM PUNK… sandwich.”

  1. i dont know what marinara sauce is or provolone (sounds like a prescription drug lol), but id try it anyway coz its named after our lord saviour punk.

  2. Hi scottish I dont know what those things are either..
    But indeed i would try it too for it is named after my beloved 😀

  3. LOL hahaha, and let me lick the plate when your done Rob, she’s too good to leave even Serena crumbs behind 😀

  4. 😀 quit it fella’s your making me hungry LOL :D. Thank god something to get excited about, a Serena sandwich! LOL. I want one, damn I need one, like right now. 😀

  5. Mmmmm…sounds like a yummy sandwich! Wish I could order the real deal instead of a sandwich named after him 😉 Love ya Punk! And on a serious note, that sandwhich actually does sound good!

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