CM Punk Talks Chris Brown

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  1. Punk, you are definitely what a MAN should be. First of all, if anyone is thinking Chris Brown is anything but a sorry ass lowlife, something is definitely wrong. Any man, and I use that term lightly, who puts his hands on a woman, needs to have their ass kicked. Seriously. The problem with how things are today is the fact that too many people idolize morons like Chris Brown and have the younger people thinking that the behavior that he has shown is, well, acceptable. Again, WRONG. The excuses were that he was angry, and he was in a heated argument with “his girlfriend”, blah, blah, blah. There is absolutely NO good excuse for a true man EVER putting his hands on a woman. CM Punk just happened to be someone who called him out on that fact. The fact that Chris Brown is, just as all the other woman beaters are in the world; simply a waste of space. PERIOD. I’m behind you 110% Punk.

  2. To Michelle: you are a disgrace to the gender, No woman that loves herself agrees with a scumbag.

    To Punk: my entire support to a real gentleman.

  3. Fall back off of Chris browns DICK!!!…Leave it alone..He’s doing great things in life despite all that negative shit people want to remember by..let him live and I advise you all to do the same..#TEAMBREEZY..

  4. Well said, CM Punk! I’d definitely pay to see you in the ring with Brown.

    paticia, he hasn’t done anything great. He’s a boy who sings and dances. Credit goes to the producers, sound engineers, choreographers, composers, costumers, etc. who make him look good. There are thousands upon thousands who could take his place.

  5. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I am not a wrestling fan (not for any particular reason, It’s just not a scene I’ve had much of any exposure to); I just happened to come across this response to Chris Brown’s behavior and was so gratified and impressed with the wit, articulation and courage displayed here. As a young woman, I am constantly disappointed (and frightened, actually) by the dated and despicable attitude that still permeates popular culture that violence and disrespect towards women is somehow connected to manhood. The only way to properly dispose of this attitude is for men who are seen to emulate or embody the qualities we associate with manhood–particularly athletes and performers who have access to a stage and a microphone, and to whom younger people look for leadership–to speak out in defense of decency, reason, compassion, and integrity, as you have done. After seeing this, I watched some interviews you’ve given and was so impressed with your eloquence, intelligence, and sense. It is obvious that you respect women, not as objects, but as people. I am currently pregnant with a little boy, and (and I never thought I’d say this) if there are role models like you in the wrestling world, I’ll be encouraging him to become a fan. Thanks for your courage and common sense. It made me feel just a little bit better about bringing a new man into this world (also, it was a real pleasure to hear you school that motherfucker).
    All the best, -Erica

  6. Jill are you serious?? First off it doesn’t matter how many sound engineers,producers,nor choreographers you have that could help you with raw and may I remind you REAL talent..Wrestling on the other hand is as fake as they come..nothing but a whole bunch of juice head body builders who gets in the ring and touch each other..fuck outta here…#TEAMBREEZYBITCH…

  7. Wow… that was a tough ‘retort’. It was almost like you had a script as it was delivered so well. No seriously, it was well said.
    Honestly, though… even though I have to agree with your underlying passion and anger at Chris’ actions 3 years ago, I have to wonder if the continual degradations of his ‘manhood’ and personhood were necessary. Again, brother, I agree that woman-beaters deserve to be beat themselves…but I do reserve such punishment for those men who beat women and take advantage of them on a continual basis and don’t seem to think it’s wrong – like Ike Turner, for instance; not a man who f-ed up and fought his girlfriend one time (as Rihanna said, at least), declined to tell his side of the story in defense but INSTEAD chose to publicly own apologize for his actions so many times that everyone got tired of hearing him say ‘I’m sorry’. Not only that, but we never heard of him beating anyone else..not even a rumor from someone looking for a settlement check…and he had girlfriends after the incident, so there was definitely opportunity to beat more women.
    You see, to me, boys F up. So do men. But MEN own up to it and commit to get better. They get help and follow through. That’s what I’ve seen Chris do. Okay, so he threw a chair at a window – hey, at least it wasn’t another woman. And considering the circumstances, i would have broke something too. Also, he grew up with a man who beat his mother…which he mentioned as part of why he was so disappointed in himself for displaying the same behavior. But that’s where he got it from…how he learned to address anger – to LASH OUT. Again, I’m not condoning his actions 3 years ago. I’m just wondering if the level of your response was necessary. It was three years ago, dude. He’s paid WAY more than ‘picking up trash’. He placed his career in jeopardy – which I’m sure music and singing is his dream (a deserved consequence, don’t get me wrong). His actions have sparked a never-ending stream of negative criticism that he is VERY aware of. He’s human, so it affects him (hence, GMA incident). So he gets it…He knows he f-ed up and has to deal with and hear about it everyday. And he will be reminded of it for quite some time (ie. Twitter, for instance). And you do understand that your video is yet another form or punishment, right? You don’t even have to whup his a$$. Your impeccably stated character-bashing word-whupping would make Obama cry if you were a Republican. I think that if he continues to NOT hit another woman since Rihanna that, someday, people really should get over it. Seriously. Save the a$$-whuppings for men who can’t seem to stop beating women…the skum that smile and laugh as they stand overtop bruised women who are too scared to get help…the skum that eventually kill their victims, like the one who killed my aunt; that’s the type of man YOU should call out and test his metal. Chris? Nah…he hasn’t even done it twice (we would know it…women would have come forward..even if was just for $$$).
    I’ve been long winded. But at the end of the day, all I’m saying is MAYBE it was a little ‘strong’. Great message, tho. I’d be scared if I liked to beat women.

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