CM Punk To Appear on “Talking Dead”

CM Punk will be appearing on “Talking Dead” on AMC on Sunday,  March 16th to discuss The Walking Dead.


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  1. You honestly remind me of Shawn Michaels great in-ring ablilty, could cut a promo like no one else, and loved the business. I know I compared you to HBK but you are the one and only CM Punk. I honestly have wated wreslting and WWE in particualr since I was 3 I am now 28. And only two people in this industry have made me enjoy being a fan that is HBK and you. I understand why you did what you had to do I just wanna be selfish and bring the “Best in the World” back for WM30. I got my wife into watching wrestling cause she likes you. My two year old daughter hear’s your theme song and gets on one knee to say “It’s clobbering time” We even had front row tix to go to RAW in Denver last month and sold them when we found out you weren’t gonna be there. Just know your fanbase loves you and supports u we just miss a CM Punk Raw match one that outshines everyone elses. Much love,

  2. Please come back at Wrestlemania to screw HHH (spits!) of his match with Bryan! Seriously, how big is his ego?! CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk!

  3. It was nice to see you on Talking Dead. You look heath and rested hope see you in walking dead or CSI episode next year that would be cool also hope to see at the cubs game. As for the cubs I think cubs may make wild card.. Thank Derek

  4. Im from india. U r my hero cm punk. I really cried when ur music was played but u were not thr on chicago raw. Please come back. Because no one deserves the wwe world heavyweight championship more then u .my hero. Chicago hero. CM PUNK

  5. We miss you! When they did the Paul Heyman thing, I thought it may have been a “so long” to you in not so many words. If that is the case, then I wish you the very best of luck. If not, then may I please say…come the hell back and kick the sh*t out of Daniel Bryan, he needs a reality check. That is all 😉

    Love you!

  6. I can understand that you. Cm punk. Will rarely read our comments ….but please read it ..we all are dying to see you in wwe ….we r juss sick of triple h n daniel bryans nonsense things ..please I wanna see your music hitting on television screen once again …love you as a fan cm punk

  7. So this is it? i’ve been searching the hole internett for news about what cmpunk is upto.
    Im a huge cm punk kind of guy from norway. and for me to watch the wwe now is like.. i hope Cm punk shows up. but he dosent.. i could rather just stop watching it.. but im kinda a sucker for the undertaker aswell.. but thats kinda the thing. cm punk and the undertaker is wwe for me. dont think me saying please come back to wwe will help. but it cant hurt. you are the best in the world and i hope you will turn up soon.
    who’m em i kidding!! CMPUNK COME BACK NOW!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!

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