CM Punk “to make history at Raw 1,000”? – “Backstage Fallout”

4 Comments on “CM Punk “to make history at Raw 1,000”? – “Backstage Fallout””

  1. I love these ‘Backstage Fallout” sessions. You can’t just comment on the ones you like but you have to say something about all of them, so here goes. 1st: I think Punk will win next Monday, it should be a good fight. 2nd: AJ/Daniel vs Miz/Eve..who cares? 3rd: Miz, get a life. 4th: Kofi and R Truth, good job guys. 5th: AW, you need to use your library voice. You are just a little too loud. O.K. did I cover them all? hehehe

  2. He believe he spoke like a true wwe champion that he is today. Confidence is all you need to persavere. I believe in cm punk.

  3. seriously you’re a guy I love watching catcher, your style, your music, your eyes psychopath when you’re in the ring …! while I’m sure you’re a nice guy and al opposite of what little say or read about you. and congratulations on your determination to stay straight edge …. I like to have your strength of character ..!

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