CM Punk’s New Look

Over the weekend, Punk debuted a new hair color, blonde. You can view the picture here. Punk went up against Kofi Kingston at a house show this past weekend. If any fans of the site attended the show, please feel free to email me pictures of his new hairstyle.

23 Comments on “CM Punk’s New Look”

  1. So excited got to see Cm Punk!!! I was sitting in the front row and he gave me his shirt, , I ? his blond hair!!!

  2. vanessa why do you not remember me? i was gone 3 mouths punk hated everything i say.he died in the future and im the one who made jeff hardy quit.this is for all cm punk fans.a song called i might just say goodbye.oh dont cry after everything i tried to be the girl i am today oh god bless holy fire im not the one you think who could never say i love you so much because you and i cant be someone else inside all that ive done just to cry its when i saw you in my eyes oh please tell me why i know someday i will die but if i try i might just say goodbye oh i might just say goodbye.

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