Latest News • CM Punk Undergoes Successful Back Surgery


“Doubt fucks everything. Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt, and watch it crumble. Me? I’m unfuckwithable. Not this knee, not bad weather, and certainly not the many men that wish bad intentions on me can stop me. I rise up, not like a phoenix, but like the zombie corpse of Dick Murdoch. This brainbuster is for you.”

“There is no God and the cage was NOT 30 feet!!”

“He just hit himself in the dinger with a rubber”

“You can tell that hold is effective because his face is red and the rest of his body is the color of a bottle of 2% milk.” From Final Battle

So what? I’m out here doing commentary with Malaria”

“Tonight, just like I did in America, I’m gonna dominate you raven. Your time FWA with be never more, you can quote that bitch!” – CM Punk – FWA