Here is the deal guys, I need your help. It is still undetermined what will be sent out in return but we are thinking of doing a contest with all you punks out there. The only thing is, we don’t know what sort of contest. We want to hear from you and what you guys think is the best way of determining a few winners. Keep in mind, I don’t want the entrees to be something that you have to mail in, email is fine. What do you all suggest as a contest for so let’s hear your ideas. Please respond on the forums (there is a post) and when it’s decided what is the best contest idea, that will be posted on the site so keep your eyes open for that.


7 Comments on “CMPUNK.COM CONTEST”

  1. I hope the prize is to meet cm punk in person because he and I are on oppisite sides of the earth and, I feel like a iscolated lepor

  2. oh sophie and punk freak good luck in the contest but you see i just came from my holiday in yorksure i had a good time there i hope the winner will take it all so very romantic what the prize is gonna be is a one way ticket to the straightedge society hotel for boys girls 5 year olds and sweet 16 ladys in high heels its what i wanna do i hope julie scottish cami punksgirl and anne remebered see you later

  3. cm punk is coming to scotland so if it was a meet n greet that would awesome but i dont think fabiola can really organise that so…ill just dream.

  4. Hey Fabiola, I got your message but the e-mail you provided doesn’t seem to be working so I sent my response to the one you have on your sidebar instead.

  5. cm punk u r the greatest role model in the world u need to teach the stupid drug attics to right way to live their life Straight Edge!

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