Could ‘Stone Cold’ Punk The Champ?


WWE Champion CM Punk threw some thinly veiled insults at “Stone Cold” Steve Austin this past Monday, which got thinking: In a match between “The Best in the World” and “The Meanest S.O.B. in the World,” who would emerge victorious? Check out their career highlights and vote for your favorite now!

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  1. Another question instead of an answer—-could Punk reach the heights of mainstream relevance and popularity that Stone Cold did?
    He has all the talent and potential. But destroying his cred with the emerging fan base he was gaining on top of his old one by playing this schtick heel that he is now isn’t going to get him there. “The Voice of the Voiceless” is a good idea. Let’s see the idea pay-off. It’s gotta be better than getting in an ages 4-12 action figure battle with Goldb…I mean…Ryback. Actually, that ain’t fair. Goldberg at least had some limited personality. Ryback is a living “Brawlin’ Buddies” doll. Come on, can’t we have a little more than this? Doesn’t Punk feel he deserves more than this himself? Stand up and be heard for real, dude.

  2. Hey doyle ur emplying that stone cold steve austin & cm punk have a very different fan base & that once punk has a chance to defeat steve austin he’ll loose his fan base. Thats as ridiculous as AJ LEE being GM on raw. Those of us who are long-time or life-long fans understand the passion and drive these two wrestlers have. They BOTH have the additude, they BOTH have the charisma, and they BOTH have the athletisim for it. But, if its my understanding steve had knee surgery so its all about timing. I believe in punk I know cm punk can beat steve. However though steve has not been in a wwe ring for YEARS. Steve would have alot of training preperation to do. His mindset would have to be clear and focused. Oh and this match would have to mean something to BOTH of them if not one of them but, anything can and has happened in the wwe. Anything is possible.

  3. Stone Cold vs Cm Punk, would be a good match to say the least. Both Stone Cold and Cm Punk have skill, personality, and loyal fan bases, and both don’t mind saying what they want at times. Perhaps the differences are Punk is more technical in his style and Stone Cold is a brawler. Could Punk brawl like the rattle snake? Could SCSA do technicals like Punk? I think it would be fair to say that both would have to on their game for such a match, but also a lose on either side would be sad to many. I am a fan of both. Stone Cold would give Punk a run for his money, and Punk wouldn’t make it easy on him.

  4. For sarah—maybe I wasn’t clear. What I meant is that Stone Cold had the talent and the creative direction to be relevant even into the mainstream of pop culture.
    Punk has the talent and potential, but with the the exception of a few weeks last year he hasn’t achieved the mainstream relevance of Austin. The two different fan bases for Punk I mentioned are
    a.) The cult-like following that he built up before he came fully to the main event spot last year which he isn’t likely to lose. You and I and everybody on here probably qualify there.
    b.) The mainstream following that he gained from the events of last year, but which RAW ratings and mentions of him in pop culture show that he’s lost, and keeps losing the longer there isn’t any great creative direction for him to run in with a relevant version of his character. The current heel run is definitely hurting that potential base.
    I hope that makes it more clear. I don’t really see how it matters whether Punk or Austin would win a fake fight. The point is that the stories behind that fake fight that makes people invest in it that Austin had a chance to work with made him a bigger mainstream star than Punk has managed to do. I believe that Punk really might be the “best in the world”, so it’s not because Punk lacks in-ring skills or mic work. It’s mostly because Austin’s creative direction was more relevant to the overall culture. Punk’s was, last year, but it’s definitely not now.
    Punk ought to realize this, but it doesn’t seem that he does. He’s playing his role now to a “T”, but it isn’t a role which is going to take him to the heights that Austin achieved. So I meant that if he took being “the Voice of the Voiceless” seriously, and didn’t play a schtick heel or a smiling face and went for something in between, like he did with the promo last year and the weeks following, he might find himself in the same tier that Austin made it to as far as mainstream relevance. I don’t know if it’s his lack of vision and direction there, or WWE’s, or a combination of both.
    I look at this site, and here and there are some real weird, intelligent folks pointing out stuff like this. People like that were the foundation of Austin’s success and could be the foundation of Punk’s too. When you pop the mainstream it’s because people generally see the significance of what you’re doing, beyond the usual WWE demographic of people that can’t seperate what’s portrayed on the screen from the creative meat behind it. That’s why Austin filled the T.V. screens at college dorms during his heyday, which wasn’t a small amount of those juicy 7 and 8 ratings RAW used to pull. Austin, Foley, Rock—these guys had relevant creative directions. That’s what Punk needs now.
    Foley was a blue-collar hero who martyred himself to make people believe, and people appreciated that. Rock was a larger than life smack-talker who fit right in with the mainstream emergence of hip-hop culture in a certain way. Austin was the blue-collar guy who gave the boss the middle finger.
    Punk comes off sort of like Austin, but with more intellect. Last year, he started to be the scion of a general population out there. He was a Punk, literally—he was health-conscious, which more people are these days—and instead of just giving the boss the middle finger, he was able to say very clearly WHY he was giving the boss the middle finger, and had clear solutions about what to do about what the boss was screwing up. That was a real character. That was his ticket to Austin-level popularity and relevance. He took a few detours, and now he’s not there. Is that more clear? Hope I didn’t take too much space.

  5. The ONLY thing I DONT agree w/u doyle on and Im being completely honest as with u as I can without coming off too bitchy sn bare with me ok. As for punk not being on the same level vocally as steven austin was in is a crock. Steve austin would probably never have had the guts to deliver a blistering pipe bomb ON NATIONAL TV no less and STILL have a job a week later. And secondly talking about relevant ur making it sound like that ALL the hard work ALL the trash talking the last fews years AND being able to manage to physically keep the wwe title this long since NOVEMBER 20th 2012 ment NOTHING to punk. Are u kidding me?! He’s able to stand on his own two feet, talk up some of the GREATEST trash talk I’ve EVER heard. And to say that he may have LOST fans just becoz of a heel turn is also complete BULLSHIT. Wat makes cm punk an outstanding wrestler today is becoz of his heel turn. Let me give u an example; on the 1000 episode of raw cm punk came out to talk to DB by the way cm punk @ the time was still wwe champion then all of a sudden out of the blue the rock came out and told punk he was practially given a wwe title shot @ the 2013 royal rumble. Wat reason does the rock have to just walk in to raw stand in the ring and tell punk I havd a wwe title shot just like that? While cm punk has to WORK day and nite to keep the title and proves himself every nite the rock just gets a title opportunity HANDED to him? No thats bullshit too. Cm punk was rite about one thing HE is the wwe champion NOT the rock and he completely acted like punk wasnt even in the ring. People need to open their F***KING eyes (Im sorry Im just angry rite now so 4give me) and respect THE BEST IN THE WORLD: CM PUNK! Lastly that was the clear reason WHY punk delivered the blistering GTS to the rock in the first place and I dont blame punk for doing so. Cm punk has been my idol since day ONE! I RESPECT punk and I admire him oh and yeah heel or face. PLEASE KEEP DOING WAT UR DOING PUNK AND DONT CHANGE FOR ANYBODY.

  6. You guys are ridiculous. Comparing Cm punk to Austin is like comparing apples to oranges. Cm punk, hell any of the current WWE stars will never reach the platform The Rock – StoneCold – Mick Foley ever stood on. The direction the WWE has gone now is letting the consumer decide what they want to see. In retrospect, the WWE has turned into the Burger King of wrestling. They are no longer the McDonald’s but the second class BK. The attitude era and whatever era that followed with rising stars like Goldberg and Batista. The wwe is a former shell of itself and they are working with limited resources. Do you really think CM punk would be “champion” if they still had their dream team lineup? Hell no, he would still be a second rate act. The newest crap out is a joke. Sub par scripts and sub par bs. Turning heel…is just the next scope of the crap they have to offer right now.

    As for the Rock being handed a title shot….you’re damn right. The Rock spent years building his role, personality never compromising heel or not. He is beloved by the vast majority. CM punk face or heel is not the future of wwe and they are dramatizing it so they can take his title away and he sink down into the whiny backup role he started in.

  7. OMG BPG u could NOT be farther from the truth. The rock is NOOOT fucking god oh mighty in the wwe. And ur implying that cm punk never worked a day in his life to get to where he is now. Thats BULLSHIT! I dont care who u are in the wwe NOBODY should just be handed a wwe title unless u WORK HARD FOR IT AND EARN IT! Besides if the rock is so good WHY isnt he currently competeing in the ring rite now? Oh thats rite hes making movies. JBL calls himself a wrestling god he doesnt go off the radar make movies and come back to say I was gifted a title shot. Cm punk has proven every fucking day & nite that hard work pays off. U dont see punk running off to do movies then come back only to just be gifted a title shot do u? NOOOOOOO! Cm punk deserves to be respected. DONT talk down to cm punk or question cm punks integrity! Cm punk has work EVERYDAY AND NITE to earn that wwe title he NEVER had ANYTHING handed to him he always had to WORK for it or EARN IT unlike some wrestlers I know. SHOW CM PUNK MORE RESPECT THEN THAT! Besides the rock NEVER had a wwe title reign lasting 330+ days oh yeah that belongs to CM PUNK BEST IN THE WOOOOOOORLD! The only thing I’ll remember the rock ever doing is making movies while I’ll remember cm pumk for sooooooo much more.

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