Did Jericho stoop too low in his insults of CM Punk?

You would almost think this isn’t about the WWE Championship anymore, the way Chris Jericho demoralized WWE Champion CM Punk this past Monday on Raw SuperShow. Only 24 hours after Jericho failed to capture the supreme prize from The Second City Saint at WrestleMania XXVIII, the jilted challenger took his rivalry with the champion to a whole new level by dousing the notoriously straight edge Superstar with a bottle of booze after a loss to Mark Henry. Moments later, Jericho smashed a second bottle over Punk’s head, leaving him strewn in a heap of glass and liquor and unable to leave the ring area under his own power (WATCH).

Of course, mind games like this are nothing new in WWE, and certainly not new to Jericho in particular. Part of Jericho’s greatness as a competitor has always been his ability to get inside his opponents’ heads, to burrow into their psyche like a gnat and eat away at whatever confidence they have until they are simply incapable of handling him physically. In targeting Punk, Jericho has recently made a psychological power play to unman the WWE Champion by evoking the demons of his family’s past and suggesting that Punk is destined for similar hardships.

The mindset is as simple as it is dastardly: having failed to unravel Punk by disparaging his family, Jericho would instead target the thing closest to Punk’s heart – his own purity, and pride in the straight edge code he follows – in the hopes of breaking him down mentally.

And it seems to have worked. Jericho left Punk a shaking heap on the ground after smashing the bottle over his head; though whether this is from the actual impact or the mental shock of the attack (Punk spit out any liquor that entered his mouth, but it was a close call for sure) remains to be seen. An act like this goes beyond a competitive strategy, and veers troublingly into outright sabotage. Jericho wasn’t looking to get inside Punk’s head, he was looking to bring The Second City Saint’s entire world down by inundating him with alcohol. The fact that Punk was worn down from battling The World’s Strongest Man and unable to defend himself makes the attack seem even more cowardly in retrospect.

The irony in all of this is that Jericho proved himself a worthy challenger to The Second City Saint at WrestleMania, taking Punk to the limit in a heart-stopping contest with the two trading submission holds in the final minutes before Jericho finally tapped to the Anaconda Vise. (PHOTOS) Nobody could accuse Jericho of being weak in any fashion after that display, and it’s arguable that he emerged from the match looking like as dominant a competitor as Punk himself.

After this past Monday, though, it would appear that competition is the last thing on his mind.

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  1. I do think that Jericho stooped too low. As an avid watcher of WWE for many years I have seen my fair share of feuds and this one has taken the cake. You should never bring ones family into business to gain an advantage. That hit an all-time low in my book. The things that the WWE has been doing lately to boost ratings has been doing the opposite. I have many friends and family who also watch and they have been disappointed with what has been going on. There is a such thing as going too far and I believe that Jericho has crossed that line.

  2. It was an alltime low in my book. I have no idea why on earth Jericho is attacking Punk’s family, I find it uncalled for, and nasty and isn’t fair on Punk’s family. However he sunk to an all time low by smashing that bottle over Punk’s head, causing a bad injury asside (because lets face it, it could have been a nasty injury), to do that to someone who is Straight Edge, is appauling, and as he was already down from a count out, well that’s just too much for me. A coward attacks a man when he is down. It also shows a disrepect with anyone who has beliefs they are proud of. I am hoping that when I am at the taping of Raw in the UK Jericho doesn’t behave like this because I may be unable to restrain myself.

  3. Now, I’ve never seen Jericho ever compete, but I heard that he was a punk-ass when my dad watched and he says he still is. Bringing a man’s close ones does a few things. First, it hurts them. Second, it makes the person angry, Hulk-like even. Third…It proves that you’re nothing but a weak coward with no honor. If Jericho is the “Best in the World” like he claims, then he shouldn’t need mind games, just skill, endurance, strength, and a little luck. But Chris is right about something. He is the best. At making low blows, being a punk, and complaining.

  4. All great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds…

  5. Hi DJ, Just glad to see CM Punk on twitter. Not sure he is reading fan comments. I hope his head is better. I hope he has time to rest but most of all, I hope he remains true to himself. Wrestling is as much show business as any show on TV, but it is live. If I could say anything to him, it would be that “I admire you for the things you put first in your life. I am sure a lot of fans feel as I do. However you are to handle Jericho, your fans will still be your fans. Atleast this one will. God Bless You Phil”.

  6. Last Monday night, Jericho showed the world he is a coward. Punk was down when Jericho attacked him. This does not prove he is the best in the world.. Because Punk is the one and only Best in the World. And he proved it at Wrestlemania. Wish all the best to Punk

  7. Jericho sucks cm punk will always be the best in the world compared to this poor excuse of a man (Jericho). CM Punk is the best role model I’ve ever had because he’s better than going low like jericho and he’s not afraid to say whatever he thinks 🙂

  8. I do think Y2J went too far with Cm Punk mom and dad, you don’t involve family into Wwe without consequences. I think Jericho needs to be suspended from raw because of bring family into it. I am huge Cena, Cm punk & Orton fan & at one time did like Jericho but not anymore.

  9. I personally used to really like Jericho and couldn’t stand CM Punk. Now it’s exactly the opposite but more so I’m losing interest in WWE all together. Some of the storylines over time haven’t been great but they always get better. I wasn’t all that happy with the McMahon-Helmsley era but I got into it but between the stuff going on with Jericho and having a douschebag like John Laurenitus in power I don’t even have an interest in watching anymore. The only thing slightly intriguing is the return of the Rock but the only one on the current WWE roster I really wanted to see him face was John Cena and now that I’ve seen that I’m over him coming back too. I would like to see the Triple H/ CM Punk fued resume but I likely won’t watch long enough to find out. I never thought I’d start watching TNA but lately they seem like a more entertaining show.

  10. A lot of ridiculous things happening these days on WWE … To stoop as low as this for ratings proves that the WWE is in trouble … The CMPunk / Jericho episodes are proofs that the WWE is NOT promoting family values, regardless of what their ads say. … And the Three Stooges episodes on tonight’s RAW … simply insulting! … The WWE is going down the drain! … And John Laurenitis is a provoking manager, specializing in unfair matches … How about a real fair match once in a while where the winner is not determined ahead of time … Then we would really know who are the better wrestlers??? …. Thumbs down on the WWE!

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