ECW on SYFY Results: Straightedge Survivor


Survivor Series opponents met on ECW on Syfy this week, as SmackDown’s CM Punk joined William Regal to take on the blue brand’s R-Truth and ECW Champion Christian. Punk & Regal – members of Team Orton at Survivor Series – earned the tag team victory. After R-Truth injured his leg during a kick to Regal, Christian attempted the Killswitch on Punk. But Regal retaliated with a running Knee Trembler, allowing Punk to capitalize and hit the ECW Champion with a devastating Go To Sleep. Christian & R-Truth enter Team Kingston at Survivor Series with a defeat, while Punk & Regal have the upper hand. Who will walk away from Survivor Series victorious? Tune in Sunday night at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view.

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  1. the wwe realy needs to let CM Punk be a good guy!!! like hoe he used to be… he is getting people to hate him so they get to the point wher they want to do drugs since ha dont do them… so PLEASE wwe let CM Punk be a good guy again so that maybe we can have less druggis in this world!!!!! bot other than that the WWE is AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!

  2. At last guys we have a Punk Victory!! Not usually that keen on William Regal, but thought that he and Punk worked well together, I actually enjoyed this match and haven’t been able to say that for a few weeks!! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this match also, hooray for ECW and Cm Punk! 🙂 Im not a fan of ECW at all really, well not these days but Punk really brought the goods as he always does. Congrats ECW on giving CmPunk some credit for being just brilliant. I understand there is some more humiliation in store for CmPunk on this weeks Smackdown, thank God for small mercies like this ECW reprieve.

  4. What a gr8 match, I too found it to be something I could sink my teeth into, and yes a victory for our dude… The mans presence alone lit up the arena, even if the brainwashed and prozac-ridden crowd were barely awake for any of the matches… nevertheless Punk and R-Truth brought some quality to the match with Christian and Sir Regal. R-Truth must be so happy, he’s actually wrestling again, its good to be alive aint it mate haha! And with Punk Truth is getting better every week, CM Punk is certainly the Master… and Im happy that his old haunt showed him some respect, even if the comatosed crowd didnt have a fucking clue. The Paul Birchall/Hurricane match was good too, even though I struggle to understand how after so many years the Hurricane has still not managed to get himself a cool superhero suit! Maybe I miss the point! He’s a gr8 wrestler though. The stand out guy other than Punk was the black dude with the blonde hair, Benjamin Shelton, tons of charisma and physically imposing even though he didnt wrestle… whats the deal there? All the dropkicks and deadweights at Smackdown and theres a guy at ECW with everything a wrestling company could ever want, ready to go, doesnt need any preping, wasted talent! I cant help wondering though in light of this minor Punk victory, what does this mean for Punk at Survivor Series? Why am I uneasy?!

  5. Im with you guys, a sound match with some cool stuff going on, liked the backstage stuff between Punk and Christian and Punk and the cute blonde… Punk the nerd! lol Yeah right, the kind of nerd that would split your head open if you offered him a pain-killer for a headache! Nerd?????, I think not! Punknut man, we are chanelling the same spirit, why do I get the feeling a real shafting is heading Punks way at Survivor?

  6. I am not a fan of ECW at all, but in reading the page here in advance of the show, I watched it to see CMPUNK ofcourse, and it was actually good to my surprise. I am so bitter lately at what Smackdown has been doing with CMPUNK, its been difficult to stomach and I havnt watched for a couple of weeks and wont this week with what some of the spoilers have said that PUNk gets trashed with bottles, drug cartons, cigerett packets etc etc, how is that sending a good message to the PG crowd?

  7. Benjamin Shelton would be the perfect bad-guy for a James Bond movie, I always think that when I see him

  8. CM Punk is the best> You rock my world CM Punk 😉

    Good match, good episode of ECW. I luv the Hurricane. To Punknut -he’s the superhero straight out of moms garage who never grew up. And UR right, hes an awesome wrestler. I luv his funny superhero suit, it makes me laugh. lOl

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