ECW Results: Homecoming king


Captain Charisma provided commentary at the ECW announce table as Jackson defeated former ECW Champions CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Kane, as well as Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu and Vance Archer. Jackson even single-handedly eliminated the three former ECW Titleholders himself. But will Jackson prove to be as dominant a force on Jan. 31 when he faces ECW Champion Christian at Royal Rumble?

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  1. It wasnt like jethro tull but i heard that song and its not too bad :)I like this what do you think my personallity is exactly? I like the name Alexis i think it may suit me better less normal haha

  2. Well your a cm punk fan so you must be rebellious, only the best fans are cm punk fans. 😀 I think your way cooler than a sophie, no offence but just like my own name sophie can be quite a posh name. That’s why i call myself Cat, sometimes Catherine is a little too formal but then im quite a prideful girl so i do like Catherine.

  3. Hahaha yeah im a rebel and i will always be a cm punk fan. He is my one and only true love.

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