ECW Results: Homecoming king


Captain Charisma provided commentary at the ECW announce table as Jackson defeated former ECW Champions CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Kane, as well as Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu and Vance Archer. Jackson even single-handedly eliminated the three former ECW Titleholders himself. But will Jackson prove to be as dominant a force on Jan. 31 when he faces ECW Champion Christian at Royal Rumble?

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  1. what? where”s he going Jordie? Don’t get ECW while thursday where i live! I’m confused!

  2. don’t think he is, the match this week was just for a shot at the ECW championship not to go back there. Besides, wwe are building up his cult leader character so really can’t see him moving anywhere soon. As Sarah said, he’s scheduled for european tours in april may as part of smackdown. Also, from what I hear, ECW is going to undergo some major changes and become a show aimed at bringing on new talent so really can’t see any established superstars going back there.

  3. Well he doesn’t have to be on Smackdown regarding the European tour. Subject to change….remember? The DRAFT will be before the European tour. So Punk also could go on tour with the Raw crew. I hope not……

  4. yeha your right, but he is still being advertised for smackdown tv tapings in the uk in april, so i’d be pretty sure he isn’t going to ECW.

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