ECW Results: Homecoming king


Captain Charisma provided commentary at the ECW announce table as Jackson defeated former ECW Champions CM Punk, Matt Hardy and Kane, as well as Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu and Vance Archer. Jackson even single-handedly eliminated the three former ECW Titleholders himself. But will Jackson prove to be as dominant a force on Jan. 31 when he faces ECW Champion Christian at Royal Rumble?

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  1. I thought the European tour is the wrestlemania revenge tour (with smackdown AND ecw) it wouldn’t be extremly bad if he drafted to ecw but i don’t think so.

    Suxx, are you sure that the draft is before the 8th april?? I thought, it was about a month after wrestlemania last year?

  2. Just read the spoilers for SD, and Punk is in a tag match with Luke Gallows again. Personally I thought this has worked well peviously and I would lke to see them pair yup more oftern, so hoping WWE keep punk and gallows together. I’ve check around a few websited and there is no mention of a move to ECW, so maybe just some confusion over the nature of that match. so guess its just wait and see what happens after wrestlemania draft. I think the best outcome would be for Punk/Luke to win unified tag team belt and be part of both the SD and Raw brands… well here’s hoping ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG just notices all my spelling mistakes in the previous post – apologies! That’s what happens when I try to type with my dog sat on my shoulder! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. DID u say raw omg hope not only got the tickets to see punk lol but he was with raw last april then on tour with sd in november lol

  5. really? cool…oh that’s the evil in me coming out. They’re probably still together, dunno anyways.
    He better be still on smackdown when smackdown comes to glasgow.

  6. haven’t heard that they split up, but to be honest don’t really take much notice of that kind of stuff!

  7. Newb here! Hey peoples!
    So dissapointed Punk didn’t score the ECW win but oh wells hopefully he scores a real title shot soon.Oh and I actually heard Punk was currently in ATL, so I believe he and Dumas are still a couple.

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