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Latest News • Ultimate Beastmaster Premieres On August 31

Amid the uncontrollable fury of Extreme Rules, Rey Mysterio will face CM Punk in a WrestleMania rematch. And if The Second City Saint comes up short this time, he will have to cut his hair.

On The Grandest Stage of Them All, The Master of the 619 triumphed over his idealistic adversary, defending his family’s honor while preventing his forced induction into The Straight Edge Society.

Punk returned to SmackDown five days later, continuing his obsessive attempts to “save” the masked Superstar. Insisting that Mysterio’s conversion would serve as the ultimate example that Straight Edge can save anyone, Punk proclaimed that if he was granted a rematch, he would put the “toxin-free” symbol of his Straight Edge leadership – his hair – on the line.

Riding the momentum from his monumental victory over his would-be savior at The Show of Shows, Mysterio accepted Punk’s challenge one week later, vowing to take his hair and to put an end to The Straight Edge Society.

Fabiola   Apr 10, 2010