Extreme Rules Preview

Amid the uncontrollable fury of Extreme Rules, Rey Mysterio will face CM Punk in a WrestleMania rematch. And if The Second City Saint comes up short this time, he will have to cut his hair.

On The Grandest Stage of Them All, The Master of the 619 triumphed over his idealistic adversary, defending his family’s honor while preventing his forced induction into The Straight Edge Society.

Punk returned to SmackDown five days later, continuing his obsessive attempts to “save” the masked Superstar. Insisting that Mysterio’s conversion would serve as the ultimate example that Straight Edge can save anyone, Punk proclaimed that if he was granted a rematch, he would put the “toxin-free” symbol of his Straight Edge leadership – his hair – on the line.

Riding the momentum from his monumental victory over his would-be savior at The Show of Shows, Mysterio accepted Punk’s challenge one week later, vowing to take his hair and to put an end to The Straight Edge Society.

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  1. Right since no one has commented here…im gonna tell everyone about my Braehead arena experience where i saw cm punk, it can be found on the forum but i know some cats dont go there.
    I went to smackdown at the braehead arena and i saw cm punk. WOOOOH!!
    I got pictures, they’re probably not very good, mobile quality, ill try get them uploaded but ok i got a few stories/experiences.
    So the matches were…
    Ezekial jackson vs kane (kane won)
    layla vs beth phoenix (BP won)
    hart dynasty vs those video game dudes (hart dynasty won)
    mr ziggles vs rtruth (rtruth won i think)
    john morrison vs luke gallows with serena (john morrison won)
    rey and john morrison vs cm punk and luke gallows (Rey and JoMo won)
    edge vs jack swagger (DQ Edge won)

    Ok so luke gallows came out and cut a promo about how ses was better than you and how like queen elisabeth I and england, the ses is superior to us….wish was awesome coz we’re scots and even if your a cm punk fan and your scottish, you’ll boo. Which is did..well i told him to bugger off.

    So Luke gallows lost and punk ran in and started beating on JoMo before he could start celebrating.
    He was so quick i almost missed it. Then Rey ran in with a chair and got the SES out of the ring, they set up a match later on. Tagteam match between Rey and JoMo vs Punk and Gallows.

    Right so the tagteam match came up. Where me and my sister were sitting, there are little disabled sections. Basically easy access, so i dont need to go up or downstairs. We had a great view, the photos make it seem far away but it wasn’t.
    So of course there’s not many punk fans but we had a couple next to us…i think they were proper straightedgers. The guy loved my tshirt which was green with a cartoon cm punk on it, with Luck is For Losers written at the bottom. Anyway, punk and gallows beat down on the two guys for a bit and then…ah the best bit (from the point of a pervy woman), punk took his tshirt off. He still had it on. So…he was in the process of taking it off and i was like RHONA!! he’s taking his Tshirt off! he’s taking it off! And she looked and she went mad and jumped up and screamed, probably the only person screaming and there was no one behind her coz these seats are kinda designed that way. But punk was facing our way and you know the way when you take your tshirt off you bring your head up. Well his head was up at our line of sight and my sister was jumping about and then she put her hands behind her head and rotated her hips like val venis used to do. And punk was still looking her way, he looked like he was looking at something and not 3 seconds later he put his hands around his head and rotated his hips. EEEEEEEP!!! I mean it obviously could be purely coincidental…but …i dont think so. She’s pretty tall and she was jumping quite a bit.
    I mean ive seen punk when he was on the apron turn to the crowd and say i’m sexy…and he did do a wee dance in a IWA match but other than that ive never seen him rotate his hips like that…i didnt get a picture because … well my mouth was agape. It was …the best day EVER!!! He’s just drop dead gorgeus…he’s the most handsome man in the entire world. Eddie vedder isn’t even as good looking as him and that’s saying something coz i love eddie vedder. I’m never gonna get to sleep again. Phwoar crikey…you should’ve seen it.
    So that was my highly biased and perverted womanly review of the smackdown show at Braehead Arena 2010.
    P.S. I love Beth Phoenix

  2. hey Phil you should so do a promo on next weeks NXT on April 20 about 4:20. That would work so well for your gimmick people will take notice, so just do even a small bit but don’t forget to mention the date and 4:20

  3. to Scottish : oh lucky lucky you! When was it?
    I wish I could see him one day…
    I picture him rotating his hips and shaking his … I must stop that or i’ll be unable to sleep (once more)
    It’s funny you talk about Pearl Jam cause I’m gonna see them (for the first time!) in a festival in july. Eddie isn’t as handsome as Punk and..he’s getting a bit old but i’m so happy to see them.

  4. Hi Chicago-Made,
    you really make me remember to WWE Legend Macho King Randy Savage. Are you from the same family?

  5. Well if you see him get good seats not too far away but high enough so that when he takes his tshirt off, his head might be in a position where he’ll see you jumping up or someone really tall that you can bring jumping up…and doing a val venis (rotate hips with your hands behind your head) and hey maybe he’ll do it. It was awesome, one of the best memories i will ever have. I wont ever stop talking about it.

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