Extreme Rules – Punk cashes in for gold


In a wild turn of events surrounding the coveted World Heavyweight Championship, CM Punk emerged the new champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against Jeff Hardy, who moments earlier, defeated former champion Edge in a brutal Ladder Match.

Before Hardy could fully bask in the glory of being crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk crushed Hardy’s dreams by cashing in the contract he has wielded since winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. With a double dose of Go to Sleep, Punk easily put away the exhausted Hardy.

The victory was Punk’s second of the night at Extreme Rules. Earlier, he defeated Umaga in a vicious Samoan Strap Match. CM Punk overcame the odds stacked against him at Extreme Rules, defeating Umaga at his own game – a Samoan Strap Match. While Mr. Money in the Bank was strapped to the 350-pound brute Sunday night, he amazingly dragged his opponent to three corners of the ring, hit him with a Go To Sleep, then hit the last ringpost in succession for the victory.

Umaga had been the thorn in the Straightedge Superstar’s side for more than a month. Not only has The Samoan Bulldozer thwarted several of Punk’s attempts to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on SmackDown, he brutally defeated him at Judgment Day.

But their last meeting before Extreme Rules foretold the future, and it certainly looked bright for Punk. Friday on SmackDown, Punk defeated Umaga after hitting him with an astounding Go To Sleep, just as he did at Extreme Rules. It was a feat that some thought was impossible, but not to Mr. Money in the Bank.

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  1. The sight of CM Punk with the MITB Briefcase is my favorite… Congratulations of becoming a 2-time World Heavyweight Champion… Long live CM Punk…

  2. I liked punk until last night at extreme rules. he is a good fighter and energetic. he is fun to watch and has a goog repoir with the crowd. i understand that he can cash in the money in the bank at any time. jeff hardy had fought a good match and was beat down. he had just won the title match and never had a chance to enjoy it. punk you had cashed in the money in the bank last year and won the title from edge. you could have let jeff hardy enjoy the title for awhile. Respect for another wrestler is good sportmansship.punk you are still a good entertainer BUT letting a fellow wrestler enjoy a title that they so deserved would have been great and would have been sportsman of you.

  3. Im a big CM Punk fan and a Jeff Hardy Fan but jeff hardy was defencless so i wouldnt think it was a fair match so now i dont like CM Punk no more sorry guys u may like him but now i dont

  4. and i was right, Punk won!! i didnt see the Jeff Hardy thing comming but i was still right about Punk defeating Umaga!!!! I knew you could do it, congradulations!!!

  5. CONGRATS CM PUNK!!!!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!! Alot of people are upset cuz you pinned jeff and won the title but I don’t care cuz you won the money in the bank match and it was your choice on when you wanted to cash it in!!! I think it was great timing I would’ve done the same thing!!!! GO CM PUNK!!!!!!! YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff is a cool wrestler but it gets depressing hearing so much about jeff hardy. Oh jeff hardy this and jeff hardy that!! When somethin happens to jeff IT’S ALL OVER!!!! C’MON I’m not tryin to seem so harsh but let cm punk have his time to shine now!!!! They’re making him seem like the bad guy all because he pinned jeff for the title!!!

  7. CM Punk congrats you deserve to be the world heavyweight champion 4 a 2nd time you are one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and you have dedicated urself to wot you do!!! I appreciate you abilities and am looking forward to seeing you title reign as it unfolds!!! LONG LIVE CM PUNK!!

  8. congadulations punk!!!! I knew you would be the next mr. world heavyweight champion :-)…

  9. They gave you the title… Awsome!!!

    You deserve it. Heres hoping they keep you Champion for the rest of the year at least.

    One strange question? Just how on earth did you get stuck wrestling Umaga in a 4 courners Strap match!? Sorry it felt like your skills were hindered and Umaga style of wrestling was not suited for that type of match. ((My opinion.)) I would of had you two wrestle in a NO DQ falls count anywhere match which can actually show your skills and charater and as well as Umaga skills and charater. ((It would of showcase extreme as well and the possibilites would of been endless for both charaters)). 4 courners leather strap matches work best with two wrestlers usually of the same statue and the same skill and calibular. If they gave you another charater with a simalar style adn Calabular such as Kofi, Swagger Jergico, Rey Mysterio jr etc it would of worked well. Watch Calgary Stampead wrestling on You Tube, hopefully the four corners leather strap match should be on there. Do you have Facebook? ((Sorry for the dumb question))

    Nice heel move by the way!

    From a Loyal fan

    Ed Paradis


    OMG, he defeated Umaga AND won the WHC! What a night for CM Punk!

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