Fatal 4-Way Results: Against all odds


Uniondale, New York – Amidst the tumultuous fury of Fatal 4-Way, Rey Mysterio did what he does best. In the wake of Big Red madness, The Ultimate Underdog reigned supreme over World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Big Show to become the new World Champion.

In a match where any of the four elite Superstars could emerge as the champion by scoring a pinfall or submission over any of his three opponents, pure bedlam was destined to reign from the opening bell. In the culmination of the absolutely furious battle, all four war torn Superstars eventually laid on the canvas. As the WWE Universe sat glued to the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would get up first, a rage-filled Kane suddenly chose to strike. Of the four grapplers, The Big Red Monster chose to grab Punk, dragging him from the ring and attempting to place him in a coffin. Though Luke Gallows rescued his savior, the recovering Master of the 619 quickly capitalized on the confusion. Dialing up his signature maneuver on “The All-American American,” Mysterio reclaimed the coveted World Title.

As with the majority of his storied career, Mysterio had to overcome tremendous odds to capture of his second World Title – the first of which he won in an explosive Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania 22.

After The Undertaker – who originally qualified for Fatal 4-Way with a hard fought victory over The Master of the 619 – was found in a “vegetative state” by his brother Kane, Mysterio stepped up to heroically claim his vacant spot. Flying high in a SmackDown Battle Royal against the entire Friday night roster, Mysterio proved that no matter what the obstacle, he was determined to once again leap to the top of the mountain.

Along with his fellow Fatal 4-Way combatants, Mysterio was terrorized and attacked by Kane in the weeks leading up to the innovative new pay-per-view, as The Big Red Monster became obsessed with finding the identity of The Deadman’s unknown attacker. Their irate pursuer promised that at Fatal 4-Way, it would truly be a “fatal” night for the Superstar “guilty” of the brutal attack on The Phenom. Ironically, when Kane took Punk out of the equation during the match, he inadvertently helped to clear a path for Mysterio’s triumph.

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