Feb 6th Raw Results


WWE Champion CM Punk confronted Chris Jericho (WATCH)
Chris Jericho finally spoke his mind on Raw SuperShow. WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion delivered a bold statement and message to the WWE Universe and all the Superstars and Divas, that they are all “Jericho wannabes.” Jericho explained that he did everything before everyone else, that he was the trendsetter in WWE. He then set his sights on WWE Champion CM Punk, claiming that he, not Punk, was “the best in the world.”

As Jericho continued to present his case, The Voice of the Voiceless made his way to the ring, itching to use his pipe-bomb. However, as Punk stood face to face with Jericho, he dropped the microphone and proudly held the WWE Championship high in the air. The Straight Edge Superstar turned his back, giving Jericho a chance to attack. When Jericho did not attack, CM Punk left the ring and returned to the locker room.

Chris Jericho def. WWE Champion CM Punk, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Miz & Dolph Ziggler (WATCH)
The stakes were certainly high in Raw SuperShow’s main event – the winner would be the final entrant into Raw’s Elimination Chamber Match at WWE Elimination Chamber. That prospect was enough to fuel each Superstar involved in the Six Pack Challenge as the winner would be able to conserve the most energy inside the unforgiving structure.

Before the contest on Raw SuperShow turned into a free-for-all, Truth, Kingston, Miz and Ziggler all focused their attention on Jericho, no doubt retaliating for the first-ever Undisputed Champion’s comments earlier in the evening. The WWE Champion waited, grabbed Miz and tried to take the early victory. From this point on, the match became every Superstar for himself as the battle raged in and out of the ring. However, with Miz outside the ring, R-Truth attempted to hit a somersault dive over the ropes but The Awesome One moved out of the way. This resulted in a very hard landing for Truth, and WWE doctors determined that Truth was unable to continue in the match. (INJURY UPDATE)

As the battle raged, none of the Superstars were able to maintain any momentum or an advantage for very long. This only kept the WWE Universe in Oklahoma City on the edge of their seats, no doubt making them envious of their counterparts in Milwaukee who will witness these Superstars battle inside the Elimination Chamber in two weeks. After tossing Chris Jericho from the ring, CM Punk seemed to have a clear path to victory when he caught Ziggler with the GTS. With the ring cleared, CM Punk pinned The Show Off but Jericho pulled the WWE Champion out of the ring, tossed him over the announce table and stole the victory!


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  1. I specifically: I’m not anybody’s side …
    Chris Jericho did not win, because his feet rested on the top rope and the referee did not noticed it!!
    non è giusto, ma mi consolerò quando sheamus vincerà contro jerico a wrestelmania

  2. Jericho is more than a stupid man (:
    because everyone likes Punk new t-shirt and HE IS THE BEST IN WORLD!!!

    PS: Why I can’t buy a t-shirt in Belgium 🙁 ?!

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  4. The jacket is fantastic! The man, the wrestler……..I’ll stick with CM Punk thank you!

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