Fightin’ Fanboys: WWE’s CM Punk

As the Straight Edge Superstar heads to WrestleMania, we talk with him about his love for comics and kickin’ butt.
By Arune Singh

Every week on “WWE Friday Night SmackDown,” there’s one superstar who draws the ire of fans more than anyone else, even though he’s trying to lead them on the path to salvation…of a sort. Meet CM Punk, the self-styled “Straight Edge Superstar” of the WWE Universe, whose only goal is to rid the world of addiction to alcohol and drugs by converting people to the straight edge lifestyle. Unfortunately for non-believers, rejection of Punk’s ideals often leads to a brutal beat down by his Straight Edge Society. On the verge of Punk’s hotly-anticipated WrestleMania 26 match with Rey Mysterio, Marvel.Com spoke with the WWE superstar about his love for comics and appearing on the grandest stage of them all.

Like many comic book fans, Punk’s passion began at a young age, he explained. “My first job was at a comic book store and Larry Hama’s G.I. JOE is what got me into comics. It’s funny because it’s such a well-written book and to start off reading that really set the bar high. I initially read it because I was a fan of the cartoon, the toys and all that, but the comic was so sophisticated, so sleek and so different from the cartoon. Then I discovered comic shops once Gas City [a gas station franchise with attached stores] stopped carrying comic books and I couldn’t get my monthly G.I. JOE fix.

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