Gallery Update!

I added some scans to the gallery:

WWE Magazine – May 2012
WWE Magazine – June 2012
The Wrestler – May 2012
Inside Wrestling – May 2012
Thanks to Amanda & Suzie!

I also added a few more pics from the USA Network Upfront event.

3 Comments on “Gallery Update!”

  1. Good Job DJ. CM Punk is lucky to have such a great set of people looking after him and putting up a phenomenal fan site. We get to see the “lighter” side of Punk, as well as “BITW”. He has been quite humorous on Twitter, sarcastically funny, but funny all the same. He has great intelligence and wit! So thanks again DJ for giving us the most updated information. Is my honor to be a CM Punk and DJ fan.

  2. our champ look so cute and very sweet i love this photos!!!!cm punk is my champ and my hero forever!!!love u champy!!lol!!

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