Gangster’s Paradise

If there are storybook endings in WWE, then CM Punk’s is one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

This Sunday at Money in the Bank, the controversy-culling Straight Edge Superstar’s final night in WWE will fulfill a cyclical career that began under parallel circumstances five years ago – ironically, in the same arena with his most despised adversary, John Cena.

A relatively unrecognized performer in the WWE locker room, proud Chicagoan CM Punk made his very first WWE appearance in his hometown at WrestleMania 22 toting a tommy gun and a smug smirk beneath the brim of a tilted hat. Clasping onto the side door of a 1940s streetcar, the zoot-suited soon-to-be-Superstar rode into the Allstate Arena among a small mob of “gangsters” heralding the entrance of reigning WWE Champion Cena. (PHOTOS)

Live on pay-per-view, The Champ defended the same WWE Title he currently wears against Triple H. Clashing with multiple-time World Champion The Game, Cena was the distinct underdog – a role which, as Punk boldly stated this past Monday, the out-of-touch Champ can no longer claim.

On April 2, 2006, Cena was victorious and celebrated in front of a sold-out crowd in Chicago – Punk’s crowd (if you were to ask him) – while The Second City Savior passed through the backstage halls of the Allstate Arena, unnoticed and in search of an exit. Mere months before his debut on ECW, the tattooed warrior got close to the grand stage, perhaps fully confident that he’d one day take that stage for his own … quite possibly against Cena.

CM Punk as a gangster at WrestleMania 22Years after his Al Capone-inspired first appearance, CM Punk returns to this meaningful setting to not just usurp John Cena but also disgrace WWE by seizing its richest prize and purest symbol of a decades-long squared circle legacy.

The world will undoubtedly be watching the highly anticipated showdown with colossal implications on all those involved – Cena, CM Punk, Mr. McMahon – as well as the entire WWE Universe. Will Punk make his Second City paradise the grounds for his ultimate moment? Can The Champ retain the WWE Title and the integrity of its lineage by keeping it in WWE? Tune in live to Money in the Bank this Sunday at 8/5 PT, only on pay-per-view.

6 Comments on “Gangster’s Paradise”

  1. This storyline is one of the freshest there has been in years. Phil Brooks is proving to be the greatest mic man of a generation but let’s not forget the fact that along with the likes of Bryan Danielson and Dos Caros Jr, he’s also one of the most accomplished athletes to have graced WWE in a long time. Good luck!

  2. I still find it hard to believe it will be over for Punk in a few days. His whole heart is in what he does, that’s what make him so good. If WWE loses Punk, they will have a hard time replacing him. I truly do admire him for being straight edge and clean all while living in the spot light. My hat is off to anyone who can do that. Punk truly is one of the best out there, one of the best that ever were.

  3. I commend Punk for everything he has said. It’s refreashing to know that there is someone in this company who is not afraid to speak out for those who have been let go/fired for not being brown nosers. Were behind you PUNK.

  4. I have been a fan of the WWE for a VERY long time… As many people who follow the WWE/WWF will know…the product tends to go stale after a while and they need a kick in the ass to do better. WCW was that ‘kick in the ass’ they needed in the 90’s just as Jim Crockett’s NWA was the ‘kick in the ass’ they needed in the 80’s. Now there is no longer any external ‘kick in the ass’ that can remedy their current situation. TNA tries but it is still a distant threat to WWE. The ‘kick in the ass’ that the WWE needed RIGHT NOW…came from within…courtesy of CM PUNK. Thanks for telling it like it is and treating WRESTLING fans like FANS and not burying them in horseshit. Let the fans decide who to cheer for instead of being TOLD who to cheer for! My vote is for CM Punk. Nuff said! Thanks!

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