Happy Birthday CM Punk

All the birthday wishes by you guys, the fans, wishing CM Punk a happy birthday can be read by reading the splash. CM Punk is celebrating his thirty-second birthday. We wish him a happy birthday! You all can leave your comments and wishes on here as well. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM Punk!

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  1. hey cm punk i just wanted too be the first to wish you a happy birthday and i wish you all the best i am big fan i love what your doing spreading the word about straight edge i think tjhat you are doing a fantastic job and im proud to be straight edge and will continue to support you and i hope that you have an awesome time on your birthday cm punk happy birthday! . SES FOREVER

  2. huh, that’s interesting, my e-mail message was included, but the image that I attached to it wasn’t. Is there a specific reason for that? Because I see that other fan art was included…

  3. I wish you a very happy birthday, CM Punk. I hope you can have a lot more years of life. 32 years ago a big star was born, a great baby who would become an awesome man. Have a nice day, big boy.

  4. Welcome to Punk’s birthday and wish him all the best! To their great vidrostyv volossya.Schob won the title of world champion in heavy weight and a lot of happiness and health! He may be plump =))) Site Admin “cmpunk” ask zarehestruytes site “vkontakte.ru” here is the official group “Cm Punk”and it will be interesting to discuss with you some questions. There are many fans of wwe, including Cm Punk.

  5. happy birthday cm punk hope you get a girlfriend a tv show and your own fanclub.the jokes on you loser john morrison is my NEW PUDDIN hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahhhhhhaaaaaahhahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahhahh
    cm punk dont even care about me but at the palace of wisdom my puddin will love me like he never found a girl like me

  6. **(¯`*•**(¯`*•Happy birthday Sweetie!!!•*´¯)**•*´¯)** •*´¯`*•.
    •*´¯`*•.¸ .. ¥ .. ¸.•*´¯`*•

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