Hell In A Cell 2012 Poster

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  1. Now I know why he was all devilish a few weeks ago. And I thought he said he doesn’t like cage matches. Hmmm…?

  2. Hey Red Dawn why dont you show cm punk some respect huh? Just becuz cm punk LOOKS devillish on the hell in a cell poster DOES NOT mean he really is. Posters are just a piece of colored paper cm punk is an actual human being. Punk is just being punk. Thats who he is. I love this side of him. His true side. Not the side he plays up for the cameras. He’s just being himself, if you dont like it dont watch him.

  3. Hey um sara I agree with you but you dont know the real him you have never meet him so the real him that you are talking about is just the person you see in inteveiws I would like to say I knew the real him too but I dont and you dont .

  4. Sarah, for your information, I saw him in this makeup a few weeks ago in a picture on twitter, thus the devilish comment. And he has said he didn’t like cage matches in past interviews. You really need to do your homework. I am a fan. I have watched over 150 matches (in the last month) that he has been in since he was in his 20’s. Kidding with CM Punk is my gift to DJ. I hope I can meet DJ if not CM Punk himself. Punk surrounds himself with artist crafty personalities and I enjoy reading this site. I have never met him, but I am sure he and I could carry a conversation. I find him a fascinating entertainer. He is a great and intelligent wrestler also. But I enjoy seeing the man (Phillip Jack Brooks) in commercials, promos, and out-takes, as well as, seeing CM Punk the wrestler. I believe his talent expands far beyond the ring. But I am a fair person and you are entitled to your opinion. And about respect, I tweet him all the time about respect. So why don’t we just support him in our own way, I am sure he is grateful to all his fans. And thanks DJ, I do love the articles.

  5. Thanks DJ. Still reading the new stuff. You are fast getting the new articles in. I appreciate it. I actually am home tonight to see the show. Should be very interesting. I think it’s in Chicago. Should be “Chicago Made” Punk Interesting. I hope I’m right.

  6. Im ONLY gonna say this ONCE umm, well… thinking about it, I actually think cm punk looks pretty creative. Even though thats NOT who cm punk really is.

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