Hell In A Cell Preview: WWE Championship Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match

Over the course of his 10 reigns as WWE Champion, John Cena has come to learn many of the hardships that come with holding that coveted title, but The Champ has never dealt with anything quite like this. For the first time in the brutal history of the Hell in a Cell Match, three Superstars will enter the unforgiving steel structure for a dangerous Triple Threat bout — and Cena’s WWE Championship will be on the line.

Two weeks after defeating Alberto Del Rio to win the title at Night of Champions (PHOTOS), Cena will once again lock up with the underhanded Mexican Aristocrat, but this time the controversial CM Punk will be a part of the mayhem.

It’s a three-way showdown the WWE Universe has been waiting to see since the conclusion of SummerSlam in August. On that sweltering night, The Straight Edge Superstar beat Cena to claim the Undisputed WWE Championship, but was immediately defeated for the title by an opportunistic Del Rio, who was cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. (PHOTOS)

Immediately after the evening’s contentious events, WWE fans took to FaceBook and Twitter with one question — which Superstar deserved the rematch? Was it Punk since he was the last champion? Or did both The Second City Savior and Cena deserve bouts with Del Rio since they were both technically titleholders?

Ultimately, the West Newbury, Mass. native received the championship opportunity and made the best of his opening by beating the Mexican Superstar — but where did that leave CM Punk? Amid the confusion and conspiracy theories of his bitter war with Triple H and Kevin Nash, The “Voice of the Voiceless” clearly had other scores to settle, but at WWE Hell in a Cell on Oct. 2, he’ll get the rematch he rightfully deserves.

With both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio coming for his WWE Title inside Satan’s Playground, John Cena is in an unfamiliar position — the underdog spot. Can The Champ retain his cherished prize in the face of two hungry competitors and one seriously dangerous structure?

Order WWE Hell in a Cell exclusively on pay-per-view on Sunday, Oct. 2 to find out.

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  1. if john cena wins the title again i will go crazy….
    cm you should do the pepsi plunge at hell in a cell. i would love to see it again. i don´t remember when you did it the last time

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