Hell in a Cell Results: Supremacy in the Cell


Out of the ominous fury of the Devil’s Playground, destiny struck with a vengeance. After colliding with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk in the demented Hell in a Cell structure at the pay-per-view of the same name, The Undertaker emerged victorious, claiming his seventh World Championship amid a grueling mixture of aggression, mayhem and unforgiving steel.

The Undertaker secured his retribution in a structure as legendary as the championship gold he now carries. And despite a championship showing, CM Punk walked out of Newark without his title, suffering the full-force of The Deadman’s rage. Will the self-proclaimed “Second City Saint” ever be the same again?

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  1. Something to do with email, he’s not emailed her back or he said something, or someone posing as him said something…because she sent something or someone pretending to be her sent something. Wish i was in contact with him but hey im just a peasant fan 😀

  2. think you about summed it up there scottish 🙂 As much as i understand there is no facebook/twitter/myspace to email Punk. could try the wwe address I suppose. Oh well, at least its friday, roll on SD!

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