Hell in a Cell: Undertaker vs. World CM Punk

At first, it appeared Undertaker had dethroned World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk by using Hell’s Gate to make him submit. However, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long emerged to instruct referee Scott Armstrong to restart the match, calling the hold illegal.

Once the action resumed, Punk locked The Deadman in the Anaconda Vise. Although The Phenom clearly did not tap out of the hold, Armstrong quickly called for the bell, signaling Undertaker had indeed submitted.

The decision stunned not only Undertaker, but the entire WWE Universe. It took five days to find out any answers.

The following Friday on SmackDown, Long admitted to a pre-planned conspiracy involving himself, Armstrong and Punk to prevent Undertaker from winning the match.

It wasn’t until the Sept. 25 edition of SmackDown that Long was heard from again – when he was found to be bound and gagged in a coffin! After being untied by CM Punk, Long revealed that Punk would face Undertaker and Hell in a Cell – and Hell’s Gate is now legal. And in a match that same night, Punk found a way to escape The Deadman’s wrath by defeating him by count-out.

But with nowhere to hide within the confines of their Hell in a Cell Match, can Punk find a way to fend off Undertaker and retain his gold? Or, will The Deadman inflict hellish torment and take what he believes he already rightfully earned?

Find out live on Oct. 4 at WWE Hell in a Cell, the inaugural pay-per-view event designed to take Superstars to Hell and back … if they’re lucky.

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  1. cm punk will beat the undertaker next sunday 4 the title. cm punk is the best damn wrestler in the wwe so dont forget that shit.

  2. Good luck Punky, you deserve to win. You have given a lot to WWE over the last months and it cant have all been heel-smiles and ‘water off of a ducks back’ moments. All of us are with you.

  3. Well, its been great to see more folks get vocal and support Punk and even better to see less haters round here lately. If the old zombie wins at Hell in a Cell, in my opinion it will set WWE back a few years. I notice a few others are saying that Punk is the future and I reckon its true, no point going back WWE. Punk I know you believe that luck is for losers, so I’ll say instead, give that old zombie HELL!!!

  4. It would be shock and awe if cm punk used one of his lights out attacks like the [go to sleep] on the Deadman and the Deadman went unconscious. That would be a hell in a cell to remember. Imagine the crowd going silent in shock. I want that to happen!

  5. CM Punks stamina and fitness should see him through. He has youth and aggresion. Kick the living daylight outof him Punk!

  6. Youv been on the rise for some time Punk, 2 back to back ‘money in th bank’ wins, never been done before. You defeated the loved Jeff Hardy, both Hardy’s and now face the Undertaker. Your time is now, I think for WWE to miss this opportunity for a changing of the guard would be crazy. I hope it results in your further success. And as others have said, we want Punk to have a real victory, no heel tactics, let him wrestle WWE. Thanks.

  7. Get the undertaker caught up in your anaconda vise and lets hear him scream for the first time in his career

  8. Now that would be sweet music to my ears. The Undertaker is the most overhyped wrestler in WWE history. BRING HIM DOWN PUNK!

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