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For the third year in a row, Mattel and WWE partnered on a panel at Comic-Con today, promoting new WWE toys and giving fans the chance to ask questions of WWE stars – in this case Sheamus, Zack Ryder and CM Punk. It was a very entertaining panel, filled with plenty of playful banter and snarking, with Punk and Sheamus having a good time teasing one another.

Funny and well-spoken, Punk dominated the conversation, with most of the fan questions aimed at him. At one point, talking about this busy past year he’s had, Punk remarked that he couldn’t make everyone happy, to which someone in the crowd yelled, “AJ!” Without a beat, he replied, “AJ, I’m positive I can make happy.”

When he then more seriously talked about AJ’s recent ascent, he said, “AJ has taken a small opportunity, a sliver, and really knocked it out of the park. I think she’s really underrated – the way she delivers her lines.” He also noted that AJ was a true wrestling fan and no doubt is very excited to have her own WWE action figure being released, just as he was.

One fan asked, “Where are our WWE ice cream bars?” to which Punk replied, “I wrote a letter to Ben and Jerry’s. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. I’m sorry for the delay!”

The one awkward and uncomfortable moment of the panel occurred when a fan asked about Chris Benoit and whether the WWE were acting like he never existed. But I felt Punk handled the question well, answering that Benoit had a lot of amazing accomplishments in wrestling that can’t be taken away, but given the horrific things he did at the end of his life, it wouldn’t be right for the WWE to promote him.

The wrestlers were asked their favorite WWE RAW moments and Ryder humorously noted that when he filmed his segment answering this question on RAW itself, he said GTV was his favorite, “but it really wasn’t. They just gave me the script.” His actual favorite RAW moment? When Hugh Jackman appeared, in an episode that helped elevate Ryder’s status on the show.

Punk at one point joked, “I think WrestleMania 29 will be headlined by Zack Ryder vs. The Undertaker.” Later, the wrestlers were asked if there were any classic superstars they’d love to have a match against. Punk had already brought up Stone Cold, so leaving him out, he said, “I would like to wrestle Bret Hart.” Said Sheamus, “I would love to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29,” to which Ryder quickly replied, “I’m already wrestling him!”

As the panel was drawing to a close, Punk and Ryder left early to go to a signing, leaving Sheamus to answer questions alone… and wouldn’t you know it, but who should suddenly storm in from the back of the room but Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio delivered a very funny promo mocking the Comic-Con crowd for loving superheroes and wearing costumes, while proclaiming himself “a real life superhero!” He then took out what he claimed to be an original copy of Action Comics #1, dismissively saying he spent $2.1 million for it the week before and saying to the audience, “To you, it means everything. To me it means nothing!” He then offered to give the comic away… before tearing it apart, saying everyone could have a piece.

Sheamus then delivered a crowd-pleasing retort about how Del Rio may be rich, but he couldn’t buy class and bellowed that this Sunday at the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, he would give Del Rio, “The biggest arse-kicking of your life!” Sheamus then paused and said, “Why wait until Sunday?” since they were both here now with a crowd watching and that he’d love to face Del Rio right then and there. But wouldn’t you know it, Del Rio turned around and walked out… The coward! Yes, we all booed him.


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  1. CM PUNK is a class act. I wouldn’t know hwo to answer that Benoit question at all. I almost wish I was at the Comic Con, but I’m on the East Coast.

  2. I liked how cm punk approached that question about benoit 2. Cm punk sure is a class act. Cm punk was also balls out hilarious @ comic-con. I thought the teasing between cm punk & sheamus was cute & adorable. I would have loved 2 have been there 2 sitting next 2 cm punk.

  3. Hey kevin johnson with all do respect PLEASE tell me wat cm punk has 2 do with aj & daniel bryan getting married? Cm punk needs 2 MOVE ON. Please leave cm punk alone. He’s focusing on better things. Hint: his wwe title defense against cena. Punk WILL win!

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