In Case You Missed It…

Here is a video of last night’s promo.

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  1. You are my hero, and I am so glad I witnessed the greatest promo ever. (And for the record, the only merch I ever bought from WWE was a purple Macho Man shirt and any shirt you put out.

  2. it felt really good listening to punk. finally someone spoke their mind about a currupt buisness

  3. This was the best promo EVER! I just love Punk and how he speaks the truth. Everything he said was true. I cannot wait for what comes next.

  4. Yo Punk…

    That had to be the best promo ever in that fucked up company WWE also known as “The Evil Empire”, I just hope you leave & leave for good. Personally I’m not a big WWE fan anymore as it freakin sucks, I’m more of a TNA & ROH fan aswell as New Japan Pro Wrestling & I have to say that I hope you sign with TNA…

    Punk you are da man, screw WWE & head for Impact Wrestling
    I thing TNA need a little straght edge!!!

  5. what a promo. greatest i’ve seen in a long time at wwf. mr. punk your absolutely one of the biggest players in business. n#1 cm punk. your personal story about vice would be nice to read.

  6. Cm Punk has always been one of my favorite wrestlers to ever come into the wwe and this promo proved it even more because everything he said was true. Guys like John Cena and the rock make wrestling boring because they do the samething all the time and there characters they play is forced down our throats and that not only make me sick it makes long time fans of the wwe sick and obviously cm punk is sick of it. Punk no matter what you do I hope you do well good luck.

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