In Memory of Misawa

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  1. I am finally going to put everything I have to say in one post, as it has finally sunk in. One of my favorite wrestlers of all-time and the wrestler who inspired me to be a pro-wrestler… is gone… as is my motivation. My legs are stiff and shooting in pain. My chest hurts. My heart burns. This is just surreal.

    When I woke up at 12:00 PM, I logged in on a forum that I post often in and saw the thread “R.I.P. Mitsuharu Misawa: 1962-2009”. By then, my whole body was frozen. I didn’t think he died in the ring. I assumed it was after the show or before the show. On Strong Style Symphony and Death Valley Driver Video Review forums, there was a thread saying Misawa was hurt and they had to get the ventilator out to revive him. They said it was successful and he was in the hospital. Everyone had a sigh of relief. Then all of a sudden, the news that he died in a Hiroshima hospital was posted. It was summer of 2005 all over again, except (in my opinion) on a bigger scale than Shinya Hashimoto. They tried everything they could to revive him. It was unbelievable how hard they were pressing his chest to get him to breath. As the fans chanted “Misawa! Misawa! Misawa!”, everyone thought he would get up and further prove just how invincible this man really is. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

    Throughout the 90s, I saw Misawa (along with Kawada and Kobashi) in practically every wrestling magazine that I purchased, countless awards. I thought “Wow, this guy must be great.”, even as a kid. I then was excited to see that he, along with the others, was in the video game WCW vs. The World for PS1. There was even a “The Wrestler” magazine from May 1998 that said Bruce Prichard (who was involved with talent relations in WWF at the time) was wanting to bring Mitsuharu Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada into the WWF. I have it right here in my hand. There is a picture of Misawa putting Kawada in the facelock in there and it says the following, “WWF officials have initiated discussions with All Japan Pro Wrestling regarding an exchange of talent.”. “It would be great to have some of their stars, like Mitsuharu Misawa and Toshiaki Kawada, compete in the WWF,” talent coordinator Bruce Prichard said.” Needless to say, it never happened.

    It was summer of 2001. My friends and I used to go to this video game store and they had WWF No Mercy tournaments every weekend. One weekend, the owners were talking to me about Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, which was released the previous year. Photos of Mitsuharu Misawa, Akira Taue, Toshiaki Kawada, Jumbo Tsuruta, Kenta Kobashi, Shinya Hashimoto, etc., guys I had seen in magazines growing up. The game looked amazing. He then offered to let me borrow some DVDs with these guys on them. Mitsuharu Misawa immediately blew me away. I would watch his matches when I got the chance. Great wrestler isn’t even enough to describe Misawa. It was unreal just how good he was. But it wasn’t until 2005 when I got hardcore into puroresu.

    My friend and I were DVD trading. He happened to have Misawa vs. Kawada – All Japan 6/3/94. I immediately wanted it. It was from then and there, I became a huge fan of puroresu.

    It’s hard to say a lot. If I wanted to go over his entire career, I would be on here for hours and there are plenty of biographies to cover that. This is just my personal story and my views on Misawa as a wrestler and as a person. Misawa was the kind of wrestler who just immediately gained your respect if you saw even highlight videos of him. When you see those best move lists on YouTube, chances are Misawa appears in it at least five times. He started off as Tiger Mask II after Satoru Sayama stepped down as Tiger Mask I. In 1990, he was unmasked and became himself. He defeated Jumbo Tsuruta in a MOTY on June 8, 1990 and Jumbo gave him the rub as the new MAN in All Japan. Sadly, both are now gone. Misawa took the torch and it never burned out until the past year.

    I just read a pretty sad story about the UK NOAH show. There was a guy telling his personal story of Misawa. This was during the meet and greet. Kobashi was there. Everyone was surrounding Kobashi wanting pictures and autographs. Misawa sat in the dark shade looking on with no one around him or talking to him. The guy and his friend went up to Misawa because they felt bad. They asked him for a picture in English. Misawa doesn’t know that much English. Misawa just kind of gave them his classic frown facial expression and then shook their hands and proudly took a picture. That’s the kind of guy Misawa was.

    Misawa was the kind of veteran who wanted to give the young guys their due. He deserved that last reign from December 10, 2006 – March 1, 2008, despite what some people say. On March 1, 2008, Misawa would pass that very torch that Jumbo gave to him in 1990 to Takeshi Morishima. He would step down. He was not a glory hog like some veterans. He knew what was best for business and let the young guys do their thing. Many of us knew that would be his last big run. But none of his knew it would end like this. Now, the torch of his life and career has burned out and that is what really hurts.

    Arigato, Misawa-san.

  2. Hello CM Punk! I’m Japanese.
    I was very surprised and sad to hear that news on TV.
    I met him at once.He was gentleman and kind person.

    When,WWE comes Japan next month,I will go to watch yours.
    Please be careful for your health.

  3. R.I.P Misawa!

    Really good of CM Punk to write Misawa on his tape, one word, respect!

    Once again, R.I.P Misawa 🙁

  4. Hi, Punk

    Thank you for writing this enrty.
    Im impressed to read this.

    He is one of the greatest wrestler,or greatest man.
    I respect him, and you, too.

    R.I.P MISAWA Mituharu…Arigotou.

    You, please take care.

  5. Hello, punk.
    I am a Japanese professional wrestling fan.
    BLOG which you wrote was impressed and read.
    And I understood that you respected Misawa above all well.
    Your sorrow will be big, too.

    Thank you punk. Please take good care of a body without overdoing it.

    Put love from Japan

  6. dearly beloved we are gathered here today to beery misawa our beloved gentlemen from japan and we have cm punk today to sing with us but now rest in peace we love you man and now we will sing rest in peace (with lyrics) ive died so many years ago you can make me feel like has a soul whisper in the deadmans ear it dosent make it real thats great but i dont wanna play but you cant tell the ones you love nur they couldt be alone why have you come to be with me i think i finaly know so let me rest in peace let me rest in peace let me get some sleep let me take my love and beery her in a hole 6 foot deep i can lay my body down but i cant find much to relise so let rest in peace

  7. Hi Punk. You have a loot of fans in Poland. I am one of them. You’re the best wrestler. You should go, and win WWE Champion Tile… …and defeat rey

    R.I.P. Misawa

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