January 21 Raw Results

WWE Champion CM Punk addressed the WWE Universe



With less than a week to go until his greatest test yet, WWE Champion CM Punk took to the ring once for what may be the final “pipe bomb” of his 428-day reign. As always when he takes the mic into his hands, the champion did not disappoint.

What Punk’s address lacked in fire and brimstone it made up for in a quiet fury, as the champion calmly dismantled The Rock on the microphone and further insulted a WWE Unvierse he has gone on record as saying does not matter. Depite his insults, the same Universe was left hanging on Punk’s every word as the champion calmly talked the arena into a stupefied silence just as he did on that fateful 2011 night. “A long time ago I was forced to make a choice between hypocritical humility and honest arrogance,” said Punk, claiming that Rock chose the former while he walked the latter path, claiming his glory through blood and sweat that The Brahma Bull could not claim to have shed. “You can call him The Great One, you can call him The Brahma Bull … but you cannot call him a champion, because he does not have this,” Punk hissed, displaying his title in all its glory before the WWE Universe.

“This is all that matters,” said Punk of his championship. “And in six day at the Royal Rumble, it doesn’t matter if I can smell what The Rock is cooking, what matters is that what these people cannot give you will remain around the waist of the undisputed, reigning WWE Champion CM Punk: Best in the World.”

The Rock performed a “Rock Concert” and brawled with CM Punk


It’s time for The Rock to sooth his soul, WWE Universe. As Raw turned 20, The People’s Champion strolled to the ring, guitar in hand, to perform his signature sing-along for the WWE Universe. And The Great One had an audience of two in mind for his latest ditties: Paul Heyman (in absentia) and Vickie Guerrero (in person). The Brahma Bull eviscerated them in song, spinning vicious tunes that left the WWE Universe rolling in the aisles to the tune of his dulcet strumming.

But Rock changed his tune just as he finished it, calling out CM Punk when the concert reached its end. The champion who The Rock snidely dubbed “Cookie Puss” last week obliged and The Great One let loose with a little “pipe bomb” of his own.

“You said that facing you would be like boxing with God. Well you ain’t God. But God as my witness, in 13 days I will beat you for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.”

That was enough for Punk to drop all pretense of civility, sending the champion sprinting down the ramp. He swarmed The Great One, instigating an all-out brawl between the two that only stopped after scores of referees and WWE officials stormed the ring to separate the warring Superstars. So Raw turns 20 with a knock-down, drag-out fight. In the end, could it really ever have happened any other way?

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