John Cena, X-Pac & Jim Ross Comment On Punk

The Chicago Tribune has an interview with John Cena talking about being excited about his match with CM Punk at Money in the Bank, even though he is suspended. They mention that they originally requested Punk for an interview, but WWE decided it would be best if they spoke to another superstar, which turned out to be Cena.

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman has a new blog posted on his official site, & mentioned Punk:

While I was still living in Mexico I stopped by Palacio de los Deportes where WWE was putting on a live event. The main event was Punk(as WWE Champ) vs Undertaker. I know from experience how hard it is for a guy our size to work with Taker or Kane. Well Punk and Taker had a hell of a match & I was extremely impressed that he had the ability to pull that off. I talked to William Regal about him that night & he told me Punk actually paid for & took a seminar put on by Regal, even after Punk had already made somewhat of a name for himself. That alone speaks volumes about the guy.”

Jim Ross also added some comments in his blog on his site:
“CM Punk’s show closing promo on MNR is still seemingly the talk of the wrestling biz. It was  the best promo that I’ve heard on TV in years. Can’t say it was the definitive ‘best ever’ but it ranks among the best that I can recall. Steve Austin, who cut some memorable promos in his day, was extremely impressed with Punk’s work as were several other great promo men such as JBL and Mick Foley.

Normally when a talent is extremely passionate about a topic or an issue and speaks from their heart and not from a memorized document, the promo has a fighting chance at being stellar.

The first thing that must be in place for a promo to be great is that it must be natural ala from the heart and not from memory plus the talent must believe in what they are saying and not simply verbally filling time. Every promo must have a reason for taking place much akin to why most matches occur especially on PPV or in TV main events.

Talking on a wrestling show should be special, and that means all talk, and with the special meaning that all talk should have a purpose. Too much talk for talk’s sake waters down the product, slows the process and disconnects with many viewers especially when it is obvious that the talents that are talking are not skilled and/or are simply reciting what they’ve memorized.

Punk says that he is leaving after the MITB Ladder Match PPV in Punk’s hometown of Chicago in July. He also says he’s leaving WWE with the WWE Title. Those two elements certainly should make for some compelling TV on Monday Night Raw. Whether Punk wins or doesn’t win the WWE Title is a hill I choose not to die upon but Punk staying in WWE is something that I personally hope happens in some shape, form or fashion. punk has as much to say about that eventual decision as anyone and as we have seen if one can predict what Punk’s going to do next then take those instincts to Vegas and make some big money.

Punk’s promo was reminiscent of the Attitude Era but it was totally PG. PG can be edgy but it doesn’t need to travel an uncreative, low road to be attitudinal or cool.”

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  1. …and Mr.McMahon dicided to cancel CM Punk’s match on the”Money at the Bank”
    What it all means?! What horrible did he do?!
    John Cena, X-Pac and Jim Ross must help CM Punk and not talk!

  2. I really hope that punk gets a chance to read this, because judging by his last post, he seems to be losing faith in his actions. But he can’t forget the reason why he did what he did. He stood up for something that no other wrestler had the balls to stand up for. It stood up for the real fans that have tuned in for over a decade, and he stood up for the integrity of the business. You can put a price tag on everything. Vince and his family have slowly sucked the life and soul out of the business. Everything that was unique and rich in history about this business has be commercialized to death. And in the end, when wrestling is dead and gone after being sucked dry from the McMann leaches, the only people left standing to rebuild the business will be men like punk.

  3. Judging by recent events, it seems that the corporate world is coming to an end. We have witnessed this all over the entire world. WWE is no exception. Blackhawks forever!!

  4. Never forget the little man that keeps the gears of this business turning. Keep it real punk, and remember that you have a fan for life.

  5. CM Punk is a crybaby. Get over it. Your paid a lot of money and unless Vince has stiffed you over that money then stop sulking. There is a reason why your not champ… You Sux Punk.
    Dont forget about the millions of people working 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and that you dont have to. Appreciate what you have punkybewster or come grind out 40 hours a week like the rest of us.

  6. cm punk is the man if he leaves i wont watch wwe for what they have done to the wwe.

  7. Good for punk. Its about time somebody stood up to the brass a WWE. They promote hacks like orton and cena and don’t give the proper push to guys like Christian and punk. I hope punk wins the WWE title and throws it in lake Michigan bc that’s where that piece of shit title belongs.

  8. It’s not always about the money, ‘King James’ (Really?). It’s about talent and being recognized for their ability. I can’t tell you how many matches I’ve seen Cena stumble around, in and out of the ring, we lose track of him because he appears to be out cold, or just not doing anything, and then all of a sudden he jumps up and pins the guy and wins. Bullsh*t. I wanna see Punk wear em down in the ring. I want to see him get you angry, and boo him. I want to hear his voice on the mic, making a scene. What good is a face in this biz without someone like Punk? People like Ziggler don’t count cos Vickie speaks for him.

  9. Punk, you are the best. You know it, we know it. Where is there room to argue? I’ve never really been a fan of the WWE, not since the attitude era. I’m surrounded by Cena sympathizers in my own home, it’s almost sickening. But you drew me back in! Finally, I saw someone worth watching. The first time I ever saw you was during your commentary this winter. I went back and looked up your indie matches, ROH and ECW. I was impressed, to say the least. I am so angry that you don’t get the push you deserve, to be honest, when your match is done, so am I. I don’t want to stick around and watch the Miz get his ass handed to him over and over. I don’t want to hear R-Truth ramble on about Little Jimmys. And hear Cole and Lawler bicker like a couple. Eff that. I want more CM Punk.

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