July 11th Raw Results


CM Punk returned, confronted WWE Champion John Cena (WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2)

Two weeks after unleashing one of the most scathing, groundbreaking rants in WWE history, The Second City Savior returned to Raw – a return made possible thanks to an unlikely source, WWE Champion John Cena. Punk’s longtime nemesis and opponent at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view argued with Mr. McMahon about his decision to suspend Punk for the epic tirade. The WWE Chairman grudgingly relented and agreed to reinstate the holier-than-thou Superstar … under one condition. If Punk prevails on Sunday and leaves with the WWE Title, Cena will be fired.

Punk did not return, however, to thank The Champ for laying his career on the line. Instead, he was there to renegotiate his contract – on his terms. After WWE officials contacted him, The Second City Savior insisted the negotiation happen on live TV and that he will walk if The WWE Chairman himself doesn’t beg him to stay.

Cena emerged to confront Punk, but before tensions got too strained between the two, Raw’s anonymous General Manager chimed in and arranged a 2-on-1 Handicap Match pitting the WWE Champion against WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty.

WWE Champion John Cena def. WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Contract negotiations unraveled between CM Punk and Mr. McMahon; WWE Champion John Cena attacked Punk

CM Punk is a man with nothing to lose. And that makes him a dangerous man, indeed.

Two weeks after giving Mr. McMahon the verbal equivalent of a kick in the grapefruits, The Second City Savior returned to Raw to renegotiate his contract. This time, though, he clearly had the upper hand. Although The Chairman had agreed to all of Punk’s earlier demands in the wake of a threat by WWE Champion John Cena, the preachy Superstar still wasn’t satisfied. Punk insisted that he also receive a private jet, that WWE ice cream bars return, that he star in his own movie and that he main event at WrestleMania. Although Mr. McMahon appeared grudgingly prepared to sign, Cena brought negotiations screeching to a halt.

The WWE Champion confronted Punk and things quickly devolved. After listening to Punk deride him for becoming everything he hates, Cena clocked his Money in the Bank opponent, who wisely snatched the contract from Mr. McMahon and skirted from the ring. He fled up the entrance ramp and once again unleashed a tirade against Cena, Mr. McMahon and the whole of the WWE Universe before tearing up his unsigned contract.

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  1. First promo and “Live negotiation” were awesome. Crowd were just amazing – they BOOOOO Sena in his home state and chanted C-M-PUNK and then COLT-CO-BA-NA.
    It gives the hope that someday WWE’ll realize that “the sport entertaiment” – is the dead end, and WRESTLING will finally MATTER in world richest promotion.

    (plz excuse my bad english)

  2. Shame Punk didn’t remind Vince how Jericho apologize before the crowd then Stephanie McMahon was GM. That would be fair if you ask me.

    And yeah, sorry for my english skills too, kiss me, I’m russian.
    btw we got wrestling too, but it sucks

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    apologizing for short off-top about russian wrestling

  4. I love Punk. I just hope he wins. The segments with Punk were the only parts of Raw I watched. The only crappy part of the last segment was when Cena came out and ruined the promo.

  5. Punk will never leave with the belt. It’s the property of the WWE. Security would shoot him if he tried to get away. Why is Vince so worried?

  6. CM Punk was right!McMahon should shove his proposals in his fat ass!CM Punk isn’t sold!!! P.S. Idea about ice-cream bar is Idea about ice-cream bar is awesome!

  7. Love the storyline. Will CM pull a Buddy Rogers whose loss to Bruno launched the WWWF breakaway from the NWA despite some questions regarding the lineal legitimacy of the “title” Bruno ended up with?? In any event I attended the Boston show and CM and Vince are magic on the stick!! I guess you can be a superstar now without having to know a wristlock from a wristwatch. Very little wrestling that night. All promos for the PPV. Crowd was very quiet for the little wrestling that took place but popped for the promos.

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