July 9th Raw Results


AJ proposed to CM Punk; Daniel Bryan countered by proposing to AJ and the Anonymous Raw GM returned

Raw SuperShow opened with a veritable love-fest, as AJ began the show by delivering an impassioned address to both the WWE Universe and one of her would-be paramours, WWE Champion CM Punk. Only one week after being kissed by – and put through a table by – The Geek Goddess, The Second City Saint seemed genuinely curious to hear what the special guest referee for his upcoming WWE Title Match had to say.

What she had to say turned out to be … surprising, to say the least. First, she assured The Voice of the Voiceless that she was “completely in control of [her] mental faculties at all times.” Then, AJ broke down into tears saying that nobody has ever cared for her quite like he has, and that he fills her with “passion and desire.” And while an increasingly uneasy Punk fidgeted nervously in the ring, AJ shocked the WWE Universe by dropping down to one knee and asked for The Second City Saint’s hand in holy matrimony.

Before Punk could respond, however, screams of “NO! NO! NO!” echoed throughout Denver’s Pepsi Center and Daniel Bryan sprinted down to the ring. The No. 1 contender implored AJ not to marry Punk and to believe that Bryan never truly stopped caring for his former girlfriend. As Bryan continued to disparage Punk and shower AJ with praise, his intentions became apparent and the “Yes!” man one-upped his former flame by dropping to his own knee and proposing to The Geek Goddess.

It was here that things got really interesting: Punk and Bryan’s back and forth threatened to erupt into physicality when the familiar “beep” and blinking lights of the Anonymous Raw General Manager greeted the WWE Universe for the first time in nearly a year. The Anonymous GM proved he hadn’t lost a step when he placed the triumvirate into a Mixed Tag Match: Punk & AJ vs. Bryan & Eve.

As the realization set in among the competitors (Bryan seemed particularly taken aback, screaming “NO! NO! NO!”), AJ assured her two men that “everything happens for a reason” and that she was sure she’d be leaving Denver with her future husband in tow.

CM Punk & AJ def. Daniel Bryan & Eve; Punk refused AJ’s proposal and she slapped both him and Bryan in the face
The Anonymous GM’s final main event unfolded in typically dramatic fashion, as WWE Champion CM Punk teamed with AJ to face Daniel Bryan and Eve. The contest began with another thrilling back-and-forth between Bryan and Punk until the Divas tagged in and AJ managed the upper hand after some vicious offense by Eve. VIDEO)

But with the match in the balance, Bryan, in an apparent declaration of love for AJ, refused to let Eve tag him in and allowed The Geek Goddess to secure the roll-up and the victory. The “Yes!” man reiterated his proposal from earlier in the night and offered to elope with AJ then and there. Punk grabbed the mic and declared that he refused to lie to AJ to claim her favor as guest referee, and that he wouldn’t be marrying her in the hopes of keeping his title.

The noble declaration from The Second City Saint went seemingly unappreciated, as AJ laid a wicked slap across the face of the champion. Bryan grinned and spread his arms imploring AJ to “come home,” and AJ, seemingly distraught, staggered toward Bryan’s embrace … and slapped him as well, screaming “YES!” and leaving both champion and challenger wounded and befuddled for the second time in as many weeks.

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  1. Frankly, the whole thing is just getting stupid.
    I’m sorry, but the girl is an awful actress. A few of the other divas could have pulled off the crazy act better, but AJ doesn’t yet have those kind of acting chops.
    And before anyone starts with the ol’ “you’re just a jealous chick” routine 🙂 … My hubby finds it painful to watch, too. He’s glad we record it so he can fast forward through most of it now.
    Yes, AJ is really cute, but she is dragging the story down some because she just isn’t a convincing actress, and, even with WWE , crazy isn’t something that just anyone can pull off.

  2. I mean to say “Poor Punk”. His facial expressions were unbelievable. lol….And when she said she would be leaving the ring with her fiance and Punk dropped the mic, I thought I saw his jaw drop to the mat too. But the slaps are done now and it is time for the story to move on. Don’t ya think? Punk is a very talented entertainer, isn’t he? I bet he would be hilarious in a romantic comedy.

  3. Na minha opnião CM Punk deveria deixar essa historia de lado e prestar atenção na vitória por que ele é um dos melhores lutadores da WWE , sendo assim ele continuaria a sua carreira e evitaria uma grande dor de cabeça .

  4. CM Punk should do more acting outside of the ring, he isn’t bad. AJ is fine as the crazy chick, really almost every diva has/or will play some form of crazy chick wrestler. I don’t know why, but that seems to be a formula WWE does. Like Females can’t do anything but be crazy, anyways neither here nor there. I laughed when he dropped the mic, and his facial expressions, ha, it is like he is the only sane one there.

  5. Hi Silver, I agree about the WWE and females.”crazy” And of course, the fact that Punk is the sane one. He should so do a movie. I know he watches the “Walking Dead”. But I think if he was in it, it would have to be “Walking Dead, the comedy”…don’t ya think?…lol…
    Kudos to you, Mr. Punk, for the entertainment on Monday Raw

  6. if i was aj,i wouldn’t smack CM PUNK.he told her the truth.i would smak Daniel for being a suck up.sucks are jerks,trust me i know.

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