June 13th Raw Results


CM Punk def. WWE Champion John Cena in a Non-Title Match (WATCH)
R-Truth is crazy like a fox. As the No. 1 contender for the WWE Title, Truth plotted to improve his odds going into this Sunday’s Capitol Punishment, when he will face off against WWE Champion John Cena. As The Champ competed against CM Punk, he proved unrelenting in his attack. Never one to give up, Cena fought through The Second City Savior’s assault.

And since The New Nexus was banned from ringside, The Champ probably thought he was in for a fair fight. Alas, Truth wasn’t about to let that happen, not with a mere six days until their title match at Capitol Punishment. The “Jimmy” hating jerk distracted Cena, handing Punk the opportunity he needed to overcome The Champ. Truth then snatched the WWE Title, clobbered Cena in the face with it and taunted his incapacitated adversary.

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