June 25 Raw Results

Daniel Bryan won a Three-Way Elimination Match


Vickie Guerrero kicked off Raw SuperShow by reminding the WWE Universe that the WWE Board of Directors appointed her Interim GM. Her first order of business was announcing a Three-Way Elimination Match.

With AJ watching from a backstage monitor, WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane went to war. With Bryan reeling, Punk signaled for the Go to Sleep, but a big boot from Kane thwarted Punk’s plan. As the battle waged on, The Big Red Monster went on the offensive. But interrupting his moment was AJ, who came skipping to ringside. Capitalizing on the distraction, The Second City Saint blasted Kane with the GTS to eliminate him. But Bryan quickly swooped in with a kick to Punk’s head to seize the victory.

After the match, Vickie announced a No. 1 Contender’s Contract-on-a-Pole Match for later in the night between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, with the winner facing World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for his title this Friday on SmackDown.

AJ addressed her feelings for WWE Champion CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan
Raw kicked off with AJ explaining her feelings for Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, saying it would be best if they all went their separate ways. Later, after coming to ringside during the night’s 3-Way Elimination Match, she got an earful from Kane, who said it would be best if they stayed away from each other. Later, she apologized to Punk for what happened in his match and addressed their future. (WATCH)

During Raw, the WWE Universe voted on Twitter has to whom they want AJ be with. Check out the results from the @wwe Twitter poll: POLL RESULTS

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  1. This is an easy one, BEST match of the nite again… but, I have no doubt that if AJ had NOT come out & danced around the ring during the kane vs. cm punk vs. daniel bryan 3 way match cm punk would have won. I was pissed! I can NOT get enough of cm punk’s theme song cult of personality. LOVE IT! 🙂

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