March 12th Raw Results


Special guest ring announcer and Psych star James Roday gave The Miz a friendly introduction to his native Ohioans before a showdown with WWE Champion CM Punk. Despite the warm welcome, however, The Awesome One was anything but awesome in the ring as Punk made Miz tap with the Anaconda Vise.

Before The Straight Edge Superstar could finish celebrating his win, Chris Jericho appeared on the TitanTron and made things personal by telling the WWE Universe that the reason Punk embraces a straight-edge lifestyle is because of fears that he will end up like his alcoholic father. Jericho claimed he would leave Punk “a broken man” who would only be remembered as a “pathetic, damn drunk” after their WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania.

The crowd tried to lend their support to the emotionally wounded Punk, but there was no consoling The Second City Savior as he walked dejectedly back up the entrance ramp with his title in hand.

**Big thanks to my good friend Amanda for her help with the screencaps!

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  1. I’ve seen and heard some nasty things in my time but that was foul. I don’t like Jericho, he seems to be a pathetic and bitter person but that was totally uncalled for. Have a go at Punk yeah, he can take it but its nasty when you drag family into it. I felt sick. And if that twit seriously thinks he’s going to drive Punk to drink then he wants to think again. Beat Punk, I don’t think so, he’s probably given him the mental ammunition to go and give him the beating of his life and I for one am behind Punk 1000%. Oh and Jericho start on Punk at London’s Monday night Raw and this little lady is so going to give you what for, l may be small of body but I can be big of mouth when provoked.

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