Message From CM Punk

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  1. Thank you so much Punk! You are the man, and my greatest hero and inspiration! You have completely changed WWE! You made it awesome again! Please come back some day 🙁 it’s not the same without you! Let me shout “IT’S CLOBERRING TIME” once more seeing you walk down th aisle at a WrestleMania!

  2. Oh they talk to ya, Oh you’re the town man?
    High profile Hollywood scum-bag.
    It’s a done deal, signed and sealed,
    Deal makers making it all happen.

  3. U r leaving us cryin.but I’m ready 2 cry n wait until ur entrance music hits my tv screen..u r d bitw ….ur everything 2 me….wwe is a total shit without u……..luv u as I believe im d biggest fan of urs….hope u read my msg……cm punk is my hero

  4. A lot of people are asking, “When is CM Punk coming back to WWE?” I answer, “Put some faith in his wife right now. With all do respect”

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