Monday Night Raw Results: Prophet motive


John Cena is back! After two weeks of rehabilitation due to an injury suffered at the hands of CM Punk and the “new” Nexus, Cena rocked the rafters with his homecoming as 2011’s WWE Superstar of the Year vowed to overcome his injuries to win Royal Rumble in two weeks and go on to win the WWE Title at WrestleMania. The current champion, The Miz, took issue. The “Cleveland Screamer” whined – again – about not being appreciated and informed Cena that the odds are against him winning the Rumble since there will now be 40 entrants as opposed to the usual 30.

Steepening the odds further, CM Punk approached to announce that he and the entire “new” Nexus will also participate in the Rumble and aim to secure the win for The Second City Savior. As if to demonstrate, Punk and his Nexus minions surrounded the ring. Before they could attack, however, WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov joined forces with Cena. Retaliating for a Nexus ambush, Santino & Vlad were all too happy to stand with Cena. Before the situation could devolve further, the Raw General Manager altered the scheduled main event match pitting Cena against Punk, stipulating that if any Nexus members interfered, they would be eliminated from Rumble competition.

The Second City Savior is going to need a larger house of worship. The main event pitted CM Punk against John Cena when a nameless colossus charged the ring and distracted the Cenation Commander-in-Chief. It would prove a costly diversion. Punk took advantage and hit his opponent with a punishing maneuver. Before Cena could recover, Punk stood before the interloper and sacrificed himself, allowing the oversized stranger to level him.

As a result, the leader of the “new” Nexus won the match by disqualification. When the remaining members of the group charged the ring, though, Punk waved them off. Instead, he pulled out a Nexus armband and slipped it onto the mystery man, who proceeded to genuflect before The Second City Savior.

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  1. Cm punk is nothing but a lying cheat. He cant even win on his own he has to have someone holding his hand. Poor little baby

  2. ^glad to see your falling into the trap of allowing the storylines and acting to get the better of you. His wrestling style triumphs over his awkward acting any day.


  3. cm punk es el mejor nadie puede contra el es el luchador mas valioso que tiene la wwe y el que da de que hablar ah y tambien va a ganar el royal rumble jajajajajaja nadie puede contra elll.

  4. i have to agree with A on this because over the years cm punk has chanfed fom a straight edge society leader to a nextus leader and im confused i thought he was about the whole straight edge thing i am still straight edge and always will be and he started the s.e.s. Himself but for him to transform into something else is just alittle shocking he changed somewhat he is not the same cm punk that i saw back in 2009 when the straight edge society was created but now that he is with the nextus it just seems odd he needs to win matches on his own he does not need back up i wish the straight edge society was back together they could have been the most dominate group in the wwe also there could have been new members added to the s.e.s. When serena and luke gallows and joey murcury were gone but it did not turn out that way but it is what is is i will continue to support cm punk but he needs to win more matches by himself ! . Ses forever .

  5. Posem… I didnt say anything about his acting… Glad to see stupidity is everywhere. He could be a great athlete if he didn’t hold himself higher than the fans that pay money to see him. Or if he didn’t think he was THE GIFT to the universe. However you could learn to be a little smarter. Maybe u should take a few lessons from the legends.

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