Monday Night Raw Results:


CM Punk and John Cena will square off inside the Elimination Chamber in two weeks. The combatants got a head start tonight, though, when they clashed in a singles match. Before he would allow himself to fall victim to Punk’s minions, 2010’s WWE Superstar of the Year caught his opponent with a low blow. The shot got Cena disqualified and left Punk reeling.

The remainder of The New Nexus charged down the entrance ramp. As Mason Ryan attended to his boss, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga took aim at Cena. Before they could avenge Punk, however, Jerry “The King” Lawler handed Cena a steel chair, which he used to clobber the two Nexi and send a clear message to The Second City Savior: John Cena isn’t about to go without a fight.

CM Punk continues to prove himself a shrewd operator. Prior to a match pitting David Otunga against King Sheamus, the head of The New Nexus presumably orchestrated a scuffle between the Irishman and Mark Henry by planting false accusations between the two. In addition to shielding his disciple from potential harm, the move also sparked a blow-up between The World’s Strongest Man and The Celtic Warrior, who was reeling from the effects of The World’s Strongest Slam.

After Randy Orton punted their colleague, Husky Harris, in the skull last week, The New Nexus was hungry for retribution. As a result, the group surrounded The Viper and beat him down mercilessly. The group’s leader, CM Punk, then explained why he had cost Orton the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble: He hadn’t forgotten that WWE’s Apex Predator cost him his World Heavyweight Championship in 2008. However, that was hardly the end of their night.

The anonymous Raw General Manager eschewed the group’s “gang mentality” and announced that members of The New Nexus would compete in individual matches against participants in the upcoming Raw Elimination Chamber Match. The bouts would culminate in a contest between New Nexus leader CM Punk and John Cena.

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