Monday Night Raw Results: April 25th


Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler; Mark Henry and Sin Cara drafted to SmackDown
With a drastic change in appearance, Dolph Ziggler may be new, but he’s not improved. Not enough, anyway. As his business associate, Vickie Guerrero, looked on, Ziggler lost his match to recent SmackDown draftee Randy Orton. The Viper’s victory earned the blue brand two new draft picks: Mark Henry and Sin Cara. After the bout, Orton’s Extreme Rules opponent, CM Punk, grabbed the spotlight and goaded WWE’s Apex Predator before their Last Man Standing Match.

Team Raw def. Team SmackDown in a Six-Man Tag Match; John Cena drafted to Raw
The tectonic plates of WWE have shifted in dramatic fashion. Freshly drafted Superstar Alberto Del Rio joined WWE Champion The Miz & CM Punk to form Team Raw. The three would go on to collide with Team SmackDown, comprised of Christian and SmackDown’s newest roster recruits Mark Henry & John Cena. The two squads would compete for the chance at one more draftee. Dogged and determined, it would be the rebels in red who would triumph – thanks in large part to a mutinous Henry, who attacked his fellow boys in blue. The WWE Champion celebrated as he leveled one of his two Extreme Rules opponents, Cena, with a Skull Crushing Finale to capture the win for his squad.

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  1. punk winssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    now there is a little hope in extremerules

  2. there was always a lot of hope,so i dnt know what u r talking about but punk-look……one tiny problem-you use tooo much gell! like…a little is fine but you use like…a whole bunch of it!! o’well you will always be my fav. wrestler for life!! GO PUNK!! <3 <3 😉

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