Monday Night Raw Results – June 27, 2011


Kane def. CM Punk in a Raw Roulette Mystery Opponent Match by Count-out
Whenever The Big Red Machine hits the ring, betting on red seems like a no-brainer. Knowing that his days in WWE are numbered, and that any injury could stack the odds against him in his WWE Title encounter with John Cena at WWE Money in the Bank, CM Punk escaped Kane’s fiery onslaught by exiting the ring and intentionally getting himself counted out.

In other action later tonight, WWE Champion John Cena will battle the unstable R-Truth, and Big Show will face his nemesis, Alberto Del Rio. What will be the stipulations in these explosive match-ups? The Raw Roulette wheel will decide!

CM Punk interrupted Shawn Michaels
Michaels announced the premiere of his new hunting and lifestyle program called Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures, debuting the following night on the Outdoor Channel, a brash CM Punk disrespectfully interrupted and threatened the returning Showstopper, reminding him and the entire WWE Universe that once his contract expires at WWE Money in the Bank on July 17, that will be the last time we’ll see The Second City Savior – and the WWE Championship.

After HBK dispatched WWE Tag Team Champion David Otunga with some Sweet Chin Music, Raw’s anonymous General Manager reminded Punk that since The Straight Edge Superstar has only three Mondays left in WWE, they’re going to count. With a spin of the wheel, the New Nexus overlord found himself facing a mystery opponent: Kane! If that wasn’t enough, Michaels tuned up the band again for Otunga’s tag team partner Michael McGillicutty, ensuring that, given Mason Ryan’s absence due to injury, Punk would face The Devil’s Favorite Demon without his armbanded lackeys.

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  1. i think that the wwe supending cm punk is just not right at all but it is cm punk’s fault he shouldn’t have said what he had said but he needs to be forgiven and given an another chance in the wwe so i hope that punk stays in the wwe so he can become champion but i hope that he comes back soon the wwe would not be the same without cm punk .

  2. What is CM Punk doing for wwe that wwe will not be the same without. Let him go to Hell for all I care. He is too arrogant

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