Monday Night Raw Results – “N”-listing Punk


Reports on the demise of The Nexus are premature. After decimating the ranks of the band of outlaws, John Cena may have thought he had rid WWE of them for good. Despite the humiliating beatdown he’s administered over the past several weeks, however, a new iteration of the group appears to have emerged.

Prior to his match against CM Punk, WWE’s 2010 Superstar of the Year was confronted by Nexus loyalist David Otunga, who suspiciously offered to bury the hatchet in the new year. He even proclaimed that Nexus was under new management, presumably having ousted Wade Barrett. After being rebuffed by a guarded Cena, Otunga and his Nexus cohorts attacked, leaving a Nexus armband in the ring.

After leaving their rival battered, Nexus exited and CM Punk, who had been trying to rally the Raw roster against Cena all evening, assumed their position. The Straightedge Superstar shrewdly nailed his opponent with a GTS, then slipped the Nexus armband on himself, signaling that perhaps Punk will be the new ringleader of the yellow-and-black brigade.

When it comes to snide, arrogant, Straight Edge weasels, John Cena’s not exactly a fan. And who could blame the guy? Last week, WWE’s 2010 Superstar of the Year appeared finally to be putting a tumultuous year behind him by besting Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. As he reveled in the victory, however, CM Punk ambushed him and slammed a steel chair into his back. The Second City Savior then did the same, mere days later on SmackDown.

Soon after Cena called out the self-righteous Superstar, Punk defended The Nexus as well as SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero and opined that WWE’s 2010 Superstar of the Year was nothing more than a bully. Perhaps the only thing the two were able to agree upon was that they would face off later in the evening.

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  1. Punk v. Cena…Why not !
    Punk’s new t-shirt is great. Is this me or he has chosen a new and definitive hair look ?!

  2. Waouh !! He looks great with this hearcut !!
    Hope you’ll come back very soon 🙂
    Happy New Year to everybody

  3. punk do a bad thing.. if he is nexus..

    he must convert that shits into ses..

    and the nexus must change to…the straight edge society.. otherwise punk will get beatings from john cena..

    john cena is a good character.. punk please dont let him die..

    he is a nice guy.. punk the nexus this team is tooooooo bad for real man..

    they are cheaters.. punk why are you always act as villian

  4. Nexus will be better with our straight edge savior <3 nice new tshirt =)
    ‘be better or be gone…’

  5. i would like to say that i did not like what i saw with the Nextus and cm punk the nextus are nextus ! They are not in the straight edge society they are not even Straight Edge !!! So why would cm punk try to become a leader of the nextus when wade barrett is there leader that just seems wrong to me and im very diappointed in cm punk if he is going to be a straight edge leader he needs to make his own straight edge society group like he did with Serena Deeb, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury back than the straight edge society was one of the best groups in the wwe and it was suppose to be the most Dominate force in the WWE until The Nextus came along and took over so now it is not looking good for the Straight edgers who stood behind the Straight Edge Society with cm punk because we believed in them as well as cm punk I am still straight edge and will keep my straight edge because it is something that i cherish and it means alot to me but for cm punk and The Nextus to have a group is not right at all .

  6. HI, CM Punk
    i whatch you every monday night and i also whatched the slammy awards… and NEXUS people are terable John Cena Didn’t deserve it! i don’t like John AT ALL but still and that made me sad. and what made me actually cry was to see you go into NEXUS all i’m askng is… Why? YOU have the strength of the whole NEXUS team YOUR better off by yourself and most of your fans think so too. and most of all i do. AND JUST SAYING I KNOW WRESTLING ISN’T REAL!! But really Nexus That’s a little Low for your Standards….
    please reply

  7. c m punk n his homies guess when u cant whip ur way outta wet paper bag u need sm buttbuddies like down in da hood it always takes 5-10 people ta be bad better get u sm more girlies wanna see cena get a few buddies n kik da shit outta all ya at one time would pay $500 ta see that one

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