Monday Night Raw Results: Theory of revolution


Raw’s special guest host, Gov. Jesse Ventura, expressed his desire to break free from convention – and tonight he succeeded. He arranged a non-title match between WWE Champion John Cena and a SmackDown Superstar, CM Punk. The preachy pugilist, Punk dropped by Raw just one night after falling shy of clinching victory for Randy Orton and his team at Survivor Series. The Champ, on the other hand, was fresh off a successful title defense against Triple H and Shawn Michaels at the colossal pay-per-view.

The momentum proved too much for Punk to overcome as Cena dug in his heels and managed to triumph over his opponent’s high-energy attack.

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  1. Punk really had Cena here, I though that Punk was going to win! It really pisses me off, every match Cena is in, he wins, or that’s how it feels like. I don’t get it, you can watch a minute of a Cena match and you’ve seen it all…. WWE is pushing him waaaaaaaaaaaay to much, that’s why everyone loves him, he’s “babyface”, which means we “have” to like him…

  2. Let me say right here, right now – THAT WAS FUCKING MAGNIFICENT !!! OH YEAH ! What a match. Man, Im in shock at how perfect that was to watch. Jerry Lawler was right, oh man, so good, so sweet. Thank you WWE. Yes our guy didnt win, but that was Cena’s finest match ever, his finest hour and a taste of what could be, dwarfed his regarded famed match against Shawn Michaels, quashed Orton/Cena’s whole feud into second place. HOW GOOD IS CM PUNK! SEE WWE! This is how good CM Punk can be for guys like John Cena. Cena needs this, Punk needs this. WWE needs this! You cant afford to waste CM Punks genius. For the first time since fucking Jeff Hardy, I was on my feet and Punk’s antics as well as his moves were perfectly timed and looked lethal and he made Cena look awesome. CM Punk was on fire. And the strength of CM Punk to lift Cena was incredible. Will Cena ever be able to perform such a radical ‘attitude adjustment’ like he did with Punk with anyone else, I think not. A 10 OUTTA 10 MATCH. MORE, MORE, MORE! This is the future WWE, c’mon dont stop there…

    Whatever WWE needs to do to get this developed into a feud, it has to happen, the chemistry between these two guys was out of this world and too good to walk away from. As long as Punk gets a bite at the victory cherry in somewhat balance with Cena within that feud like Orton did with Cena, then Im all for a full blown battle. Congratulations to both gents for some pure dream wrestling! 🙂

  3. Praise Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, wrestling has returned to the WWE. I looked at Cena in a whole new light. CM punk is the best wrestler in the world and that proved it. Punk didnt win but it looked real, it looked hardcore. Me too, I want some more. Happy days are here again. 😀
    Im saying thanx to WWE 2. Thanx people

  4. I dont think wrestling can get any better than that. Amazing match, couldve gone either way, a perfect match up. I agree with Punknut, this should be the future, cmon wwe, dont throw this magic away, BRING IT ON. Punk went to Raw, next bring Cena to Smackdown, then Punk back to Raw, then Cena again to Smackdown etc , this could work and it would be original. Think outside the box, this is good for everyone!

  5. Finally a match we been waiting like forever for and it delivered bigtime. After months of gutless episodes from Raw and Smackdown with little to no heart the wwe surprises everyone with a monster hit of the best kind. CM PUNK v JOHN CENA and it was all killer no filler. Ventura, you are the man, thank God somebody’s got a brain in their head. Reveal the feud and lets get down to what we like best – WAR !

  6. AWESOME! Just fucking awesome! Punknut, you forgot the ‘all hails’ man! I think this is an ‘all hail’ moment, sure Punk didnt win but it was a victory for wrestling and wrestling fans everywhere and Punk and Cena were electric. ALL-HAIL JOHN CENA AND CM PUNK!

  7. Best match for 2009, no-doubt, maybe the best match of recent years, definately one of the greatest matches ever.

    If this was a test match to guage how Punk’s people would react, I think even early in you have your answer.

  8. Bodybuilder, weightlifter, actor > I think on Monday night John Cena became a wrestler. CM Punk you are a truly extraordinary athlete and a gift to wrestling and wrestling devotee’s everywhere. You should be worshipped you son of a bitch! 🙂 Youre the greatest man!

  9. To WWE, just a note while im in a good mood. Now you WWE’s know we aint scared to tear you and yours a new one when you fuck things up(and you been fucking things up a lot lately) (and fucking with Punk just a little too much for us to accept in fairness), and we aint stupid, but we can congratulate and give dues when its warranted. And you or Jesse gave the fans something amazing and im grateful and thankful, so thanks. But if this is gonna become a feud, keep it real which means a victory once in a while for CM Punk, cause he deserves and earns his victories with his freakish skills and hard work. I want a feud too, the potential is limitless for the greatest rivalry of all time. Its in your hands. M/F.

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