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The Raw General Manager has proven he or she is as astute as they are anonymous. Sensing that tensions between Randy Orton and CM Punk have risen to uncontrollable heights, the GM declared that the two will settle their substantial differences on a stage equally as grand, WrestleMania XXVII.

During the announcement, the GM also revealed that Orton must face every one of Punk’s New Nexus disciples in singles matches over the next few weeks. If The Viper defeats that member, they are banned from WrestleMania. However, should any member defeat Orton, that member is permitted to be in Punk’s corner at The Show of Shows. Not only that, if any New Nexus member interferes, the group will be disbanded.

So far, Orton 1 – New Nexus 0. WWE’s Apex Predator battled Michael McGillicutty and managed to defeat the fellow third-generation Superstar. Dealing a further blow to The Second City Savior, Orton punted McGillicutty in the head after Punk pleaded that he show restraint.

Fabiola   Mar 2, 2011