Monday Night Results: End of The Road


Randy Orton appeared hungry for CM Punk’s head on a platter. And really, who could blame him? Last week, Punk terrorized Orton’s wife on their tour bus in order to lure his WrestleMania opponent into perilous straits. When The Viper arrived to defend his wife, Punk hobbled him with a wrench to the knee.

Returning to his hometown, The Second City Savior boasted about the ambush and theorized that Orton had developed a false sense of security after defeating each of Punk’s New Nexus disciples. Having heard enough, WWE’s Apex Predator confronted his tormentor. Amid the ensuing scuffle, Orton lined up to punt The Second City Savior in the skull. Unfortunately for him, though, his knee wouldn’t allow it. Punk seized the opportunity and instead leveled Orton with a jaw-rattling GTS.

thanks to josie for the captures.

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