Monday Night Results: Saluting the Slammys


Kelly Kelly and Tyson Kidd were on hand to introduce the winner of the Despicable Me Slammy Award for the most treacherous act of 2010. Before revealing the winner, though, Kidd took a moment to introduce his mountainous bodyguard, Jackson Andrews. He then announced the recipient as CM Punk, for his harassment of Rey Mysterio’s family. Well deserved, if not incredibly vile.

After Punk’s acceptance speech, a couple of other despicable Superstars, Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Ted DiBiase, teamed up to challenge U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston in a tag team match. Although Ziggler & DiBiase waged an aggressive offense, Bryan & Kingston managed to surmount the challenge for the victory.

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  1. i did not get to see cm punk get his award but i knew he would win great job punk keep spreading the word of Straight Edge ! I am a true straight edger and i will never give up or fall off the wagon ses forever .

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